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Distracted Living

My daughter just started driving (gasp!) and I keep reminding her to never take her eyes off the road in front of her. I tell her not to get distracted. It only takes a second. 

There is so much talk about distracted driving these days because it is such a very real and very devastating problem. A driver takes his eyes off the road for just a second and life can change in an instant. Each day it seems there are new distractions to add to our list: texting, phone calls, etc. In fact, just the other day, my kids said they saw someone driving with their phone on the dashboard and a movie playing! And the driver was wearing headphones. Oh, my goodness. I pray that didn’t end in any accidents!

Yesterday, this very thing happened to me. I looked down for second because something fell, and my car began to swerve. I was jolted back to directing my eyes on the road, determined not to let that happen again.
And then I realized how much that is like our walk with Jesus.

The theme for our Simply Living For Him Retreat last year was Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. We spent the weekend talking about how to keep our focus on the Lord and how the things of this world won’t pull us as strongly when our eyes are fixed on Him.

And just like that distraction in the car, it happens in our walk with God all the time. We are going about smoothly, and then all of a sudden, something of this world distracts us, and we get off course. We may even swerve into dangerous places. Or we may feel out of control. Until we get our eyes back straight where they should be- on Jesus.

And if we don’t keep them on the Jesus, the result can be devastating.

So think of your walk with Jesus like driving that car. Don’t get distracted. Stay on course. Fix your eyes on Him.

There are all sorts of things clamoring for our attention these days. The enemy wants you to swerve and crash. But God, He wants your full attention.

Keep your eyes on Jesus and you will not be tempted to look away. Because the more you look at Him, the less your desire will be to turn away and succumb to the distractions of this world.

Get in your Bible. Know the truth. Spend time with Him. Things become so much clearer when your eyes are fixed firmly on Jesus.

Are you living a distracted life?

For me worry often distracts me. Or details about the future. Or details about the present 😉 Things that are usually out of my control. The internet distracts many of us. Or what others are saying or doing. There are tons of things that are making noise, and we have a hard time discerning what is true, and right, and noble.

Choose today to set your eyes firmly in front of you. Set your mind on things above. Live focused.

Nothing in this world can ever deserve more attention than Him. 


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