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Simply…Living For Him

Simply...Living For Him

What on Earth Are You Here For?

We are reading the book, Born Again, by Charles Colson. If you don’t know who he is or what this book is about, it is truly fascinating. Colson was Richard Nixon’s former special counsel and was jailed for his involvement in the Watergate Scandal. Consequently, it was during this time in his life that he converted to a born-again believer.

Some of the questions that Colson faced were dealing with the void and emptiness that he felt even at the highs of his career, marriage, and finances. He had it all. Yet, he was empty. I think many can relate.

Do you ever ask yourself what your purpose is? What on earth are you here for?

For most of us, we think we are here to pursue happiness. To pursue our passions and desires. To make our “dreams come true.” Maybe to climb a corporate ladder, raise a family, and secure a retirement fund.

Yet, the Bible tells us differently.

We were created by God and for God to fulfill His purposes for our lives.

We began watching Season 2 of The Chosen. Last night, in the first episode, Jesus is talking to James and John after they wanted to seek retaliation on Samaritans for hurling insults and spitting on them. Jesus explains that their mission is bigger. They are there to spread His message. That what they do will last for generations to come. The seeds that they plant will be harvested and will produce lasting fruit. It isn’t just about them in the here and now. There is a far greater purpose. And to risk hindering that purpose because, as Jesus says, “some people were mean to you” is not the answer. He goes on to tell James and John that they think they are better than those men, and he says, “You’re not. That’s the point.”

That line struck me. Imagine Jesus telling you the point of your life is that you are not worthy. You are not better. You don’t deserve anything.

Yet, then He goes and dies for you. And then He, alone, gives you worth and purpose.

Our world tells us to compete and to do whatever it takes to get ahead. That we are worth it. That we are better than the next guy.

And Jesus says you’re not and that’s the point.

The point is, no one is better. It is a level playing field of sinners. We are all doomed because we all fall short. That’s why we need Jesus!

When we truly grasp that truth, it changes everything. We are living for Him. Not ourselves.

We can not do enough, earn enough, achieve enough to finally say, “Aha. We did it. We fulfilled our purposes.”

Jesus died for us. He gives us purpose. He gives us life. We aren’t living a life in our strength and then adding a little bit of God into it for good measure. We are living and breathing because of Him – how could we try to do it our own way?

We are nothing apart from Him. We were dead in our sin, headed for eternal suffering, and yet, God stepped in and sent Jesus. To give us life and purpose. But that purpose is solely for His Kingdom.

That life you lived before Jesus– like Charles Colson–where you felt a void even when you were filled with earthly things? You had an emptiness when life was full? That is because you were spiritually dead. But Jesus makes us alive. It is a miraculous transformation. And because I have lived it, I get it!

We have a world full of folks building their own little earthly kingdoms. And those kingdoms will always fall. They can not last. But the Kingdom of God is what we were created for and what we should be focusing on building.

The Kingdom of God is what on earth we are here for! We are to seek Him wholeheartedly (not just when times are tough, or when we feel like it). We are to give every ounce of ourselves to Him. And He will lead us on this earth. He will lead us to far greater things than we could ever do on our own. Even if there is pain or suffering here on earth (which is promised), we have JOY because of Jesus. We know what it is to come. There is no fear. There is no pride. We are no longer living for ourselves, but we are a new creation living for Him, humbly.

If this is all new to you, and you have questions, please reach out to me. Or maybe you’ve heard it all before but today it sounded different. Pray. Seek the Lord. In Him, you will find what on earth you are made for.

Simply Go, Simply...Living For Him

Front Porch Revivals

This Spring, as the weather warms up, the sun begins to shine, the flowers bloom, and new life bursts all around, let’s focus on helping others find their NEW LIFE in Christ!

The winter often keeps us shuts in, the cold and dark days leave us a bit lonely, and we can be a bit isolated. But with each new day moving towards warmer days, I am inspired with ways to build more relationships with others. It only takes a smile, a kind word, or a gesture to begin building a relationship. And when you know God’s love, you can’t help but to reflect that love to those around you!

This Spring, we want to encourage you to get outside and perhaps out of your comfort zone a bit, and invite people to your front porch! Don’t have a front porch? Then head over to a local park, strike up a conversation, be willing to let Jesus work through you.

We often think we need to have the courage to share or all the right answers. But the Holy Spirit works in us. We just need to be willing.

So as the warm weather moves in, get out. Sit on your porch. Wave at passersby. Offer a cup of tea even! You never know what a simple smile and, “Hello, how are you?” can lead to. Go to the park. Strike up a conversation. Offer to pray for someone. You just may be the someone they need after a long winter.

Some resources for you to be missional right in your everyday life:

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Simply Go! is a new initiative of the Simply Living for Him ministry that focuses on missional living in the lives of everyday women. Based on Acts 4:13, which describes the disciples as ordinary men who had been changed by an extraordinary God, and those around them simply recognized that they had been with Jesus. As we begin to approach Spring, we have some ideas that we will move forward with for our Simply Go! initiative. We will share resources, new challenges, and encouraging blog articles about being missional in your everyday life. 

We want to encourage you that you can be missional right where you are–in your home, community, and everyday life. You simply need to reflect Jesus! So while Simply Living for Him provides resources to help you spend time with Jesus, Simply Go! is the next step in then shining that light!

This world is getting darker each day and it is our duty and privilege to shine the light of Christ! You will find challenges, ideas, encouragement, and resources in this section.

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Simply...Living For Him

Don’t Be Surprised By These Things

Recently I read that the Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, killed over 50% of the population in the 1300s and lasted seven years. That stopped me in my tracks. And while it doesn’t make light of what we have all been through in this past year’s pandemic it gives me pause to realize, there is nothing new under the sun.

I imagine there were Christians during that time who were sure Jesus was returning. Just like I am sure was the case during the Holocaust or other horrific time periods in history.

The truth is since Eve took that forbidden fruit this world has been under a fallen curse. There will always be sickness, pandemics, murders, wars, and ultimately death.

We long for a world of peace and harmony. Prosperity and health. We long for all to be well. And that longing is because we are designed for a world like that. It just doesn’t exist here. We will only find it when Jesus returns.

We shouldn’t be surprised when pandemics occur, or wars, or tragedies. We shouldn’t be surprised when loved ones fall ill and people lose jobs and times get tough. We shouldn’t be surprised when battles rage and people die.

After all, no one, not one, gets out of here alive. Our physical bodies eventually give out no matter what we try to do to stop it. Because our final day on earth was determined long ago. Exactly how many breaths we will take is already known. But our human nature does everything possible to evade that truth. We do all we can to push that truth deep down.

But it is only when we face that truth head-on, that we can truly live. When we understand that our time on earth is finite but our time in heaven is infinite, we then stop living for the here and now and grab hold of our eternal home.

This world is a scary place for those without Christ. But for those who have died to our old selves and walk with Him, we know that every struggle we face is one step closer to living with Him.

I am constantly reminded of people like Paul, who while in jail talked about love, gentleness, humility, and mercy. He told us to live is Christ and to die is gain. He lost all for the sake of the Gospel. He sang psalms of thanksgiving and praise while in chains! Because he was free. He was free of being tied down to this world. He lived freely in his life with Christ. He knew his eternal reward awaited him, yet while on earth, his goal wasn’t to avoid pain and hardship, but to walk through it, for the sake of the Gospel.

Oh, to have that faith. When things are falling apart around me, to look heavenward and know that there is more. So much more. To walk through circumstances that are difficult, but to do so with Jesus. It makes all the difference.

The Bible says we should not be surprised when fiery trials come our way. Expect them. And remember, this world is not our home. We have a purpose in the here and now, but it is ultimately for the Kingdom.

May we all remember, we don’t know when Jesus will return, and we shouldn’t speculate. After all, every generation in every century has always thought this is it!

But if it was, are you ready?

If you have questions, reach out to me! I may not have all the answers, but I will point you to the book that does. The Bible. I will pray with you and for you. I know that I once lived without Christ and this world would be a terrifying place right now without Him. Thankfully, He is with me.

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Simply...Living For Him

What is Your Primary Concern These Days?

Make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.

This stood out to me like never before last year when I read Mathew 6:33 in a different translation than usual. This verse has always been my life verse:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33 NIV

But when I read it this way I saw it in a new light.

and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” Matthew 6:33 NLT

It was the height of the pandemic. Our concerns each day had certainly shifted to new things. We were concerned about numbers, statistics, vaccines, masks, the culture wars, who was “right”, and who was “wrong.”

And yet, here I was hit like a ton of bricks.

women in the Word

When the Kingdom of God is your primary concern, all else becomes secondary to that end. How I behave. My attitude. My actions. How I react during a pandemic. How I react to the culture. How I respond to each moment.

The choices I make each day should reflect the Kingdom of God as my primary concern.

This past weekend I had the privilege to speak at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in Nashville, TN. I ministered to these families, many of them feeling overwhelmed or concerned for so many things– Are they doing enough in their homeschool? What math curriculum should they choose? Will they ruin their children?

I reminded them that the Kingdom of God is their primary concern. Not a math curriculum. Not a college acceptance. Not a test score.

Now certainly the Kingdom can be advanced through using those things. But I fear many of us are making our homeschools our primary concern. Or our health. Or what we do each day. Or the future. We are so concerned about the future, but not so much about eternity, souls, or the Kingdom.

Because we focus on ourselves and what we can and can not do. We focus on success in the world. We build and build for the here and now.

Yet, when the Kingdom is our primary concern, it is the goal by which we will then operate and handle everything else. It isn’t that math isn’t a concern, or test scores, or a pandemic. But when we live out Matthew 6:33, we recognize that the Kingdom will be accomplished through those things as tools, not the other way around. Those accomplishments are not our end. They are simply a means to an end.

Paul, while imprisoned never lost sight of the Kingdom of God and advancing the Gospel. In jail, He praised. In chains, He ministered. He spoke the truth. He didn’t focus on the circumstance or even see those circumstances as a hindrance. Because He was laser-focused on the end. Building the Kingdom of God. If our concerns of the day are on anything else, it is impossible to wholeheartedly follow God. We will be divided in our hearts.

We, humans, tend to build our own little kingdoms. And those become our primary concern. We seek after the ways of the world. The things of today. We worry and fret over all the details, in light of our flesh. Not in light of the Kingdom.

Each day ask yourself, what are my choices doing to advance the Kingdom? Is my homeschool advancing the Kingdom or my own little kingdom? Is my family advancing the Kingdom? Are the choices I am making advancing the Kingdom?

Don’t spend your life building a kingdom that won’t last. Make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.

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