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Simply…Living For Him

Simply...Living For Him

Too Much Information is Killing Me

I realize that is a dramatic title. But sometimes it sure feels that way.

I haven’t “blogged” in a while, but this morning I felt the need to share this. I am making an effort to be really transparent here. The world has enough of those hiding behind masks, so I am sharing the real stuff. Perhaps it can even help someone else out there.

I adore the Internet. It has made my ministry here at Simply Living For Him reach around the world. And that is a good thing. To hear from folks all over the world that my words somehow pointed them to Jesus is everything.

So I will continue to use it for good.

But there’s a dark side. Too much stuff. Just too much. It has distracted me more days than not. And not because of the usual just chatter that people get caught up in. I generally don’t. But the abundance of information. When is it too much?

For someone who can get anxious too quickly, I can see every stat out there on every single thing that can happen every single day. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. No, sometimes ignorance means you rely on God.

When I don’t know every single detail or have access to so much information, I operate out of much more faith. Because it is actually comforting to know that even with ALL of the information available to us these days, it doesn’t compare to what God knows. He knows so much more.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 5:8-9 NIV

There’s something about knowing too much that takes my eyes off of Jesus and squashes my faith. I’m not saying we should walk this world blindfolded, but do we have so much information we aren’t walking that line of walking in faith?

I am the type of person that can’t turn my brain off. I can turn over the same thoughts way too many times and often they snowball in my mind into even bigger thoughts. I have enough already in there without knowing every detail of everything going on everywhere at the moment. My mind just can’t handle it.

My soul was made to meditate on the word of God. My mind was made to be filled up on truth. But sometimes I find my mind turning over the things of this world far too often than I am turning over the truths of scripture.

The solution. I need to be intentional to stop. To allow the Spirit to control me. Not the flesh. Not to say, “I’m never using this phone again.” or, “I’m going on an Internet fast.” But to know my limitations. And then to think on the things of the Word more than the things of the world. Because when I do that, I don’t even desire to listen to the world, but to Him.

So while the Information Age may not be actually killing me (even though Steve will often point out that anxiety will harm me), it is for a fact killing my spirit. It steals from my time with the Lord. It steals my peace. It steals too much. The enemy came to steal but God gives me abundant peace.

I am choosing to not know everything these days. Because knowing God is more important than knowing everything.

Simply...Living For Him

A New Decade: What Will HE Do With My Life?

It’s the eve of a new decade. Sounds so exciting, doesn’t it? Even though time is essentially ticking away no matter how we measure it, there seems to be something promising and alluring about the start of a new decade. The 20’s!

I am currently sitting in the local Panera, working away, my bagel and coffee in hand. Not many people are out this morning. But as I glance around, I am just taking it in. The people that are here. Each soul. A soul God created. And many seem lost. Wandering. Empty.

I am trying to plan for the new year and really focus on my ministry that continues to grow. And I ask myself…

What REALLY matters?

I mean, it is so easy to get caught up in the things of this world. I released a book this week…everything out there says I should be focused on sales and strategies. And although I want that book in every woman’s hand because I want them to get closer to God, I also know that the Lord controls sales and strategies… and souls. It is all His. I am just an obedient servant.

So many times we get it backward. We plan and we strive and we serve. All in the name of Jesus. But our hearts are focused on us. We focus on our abilities and plans and then ask God to bless them.

But, when we obediently surrender and don’t get ahead of Him, we are truly living where we are meant to live. In His will. And that is a place of many unknowns, often many sufferings, and even hardships. But this life isn’t meant to be lived for my comfort but for His glory.

A decade. Statistics say we will live eight of them. Nine, if we are lucky. Many of us will never even have that many. So why do we waste our finite amount of time on such distractions, such endless details? The enemy desires to keep us turned from God and onto anything else he can distract us with. And as I look around this world…it is working. We are living for the wrong things.

Raising my hand. Myself included at times. This is why, as I sit here in a mundane coffee shop, I am focusing on extraordinary plans- the ones that are supernaturally above what will I do with my life, but what will HE do with my life… Yes, Lord, I surrender to you.

2020, I am ready for you. Obediently stepping into the decade with no plans except to follow Jesus.



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Simply...Living For Him

Daily Scripture

Welcome to Simply Seeking Him…Daily Scripture Encouragement. There is nothing greater that you can do in your life than to know God’s Word. He is the reason we exist and our purpose in life is to know Him and make Him known! My passion for the Bible has prompted me to encourage women to study His Word daily. We hope this daily Scripture will help you to do just that!

Each day there will be a Scripture to read. I encourage you to use the translation of your choice. I would also encourage you to get a journal specifically for writing out Scripture. There is something about putting the pen to paper that helps us connect with His Word even more. Then take it further if you can and memorize part of it as well as researching the verses YOURSELF. We have provided some helpful resources but there are many out there.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.

John 13:34 NKJV

Write it Out

Write the passage in your journal or verses that you select from the passage.

What do these verses teach me about God?

Our purpose in reading the Bible should first and foremost to know who God is. In your journal, write what this passage teaches you about God. Then look at it in the context of the book, who it was written to, and how it applies to you today.


Commit part (or all) of the passage to memory.

Take it further

Resources for further study:

Enduring Word Commentary

Bible Study Tools

Blue Letter Bible

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This simple journal is a place to organize your thoughts, prayers, and studies.

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