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Pondering Purpose…

Part of the reason I have desired to simplify, is so that I may more clearly be able to see the purposes God has intended for our family.  Getting rid of distractions helps us to see God in everything.  When we put Him first, we have our priorities in check.

So here I am thinking, so what is our purpose? Now that we are on the road to simplifying our lives, I am hoping to see the plans God has for our family.  I know those plans include serving Him, so that He may be glorified in all we do.

It is not quite clear yet of our plans, but I do know that I have been pondering our purpose.  How many children grow up into adults always longing, searching for a purpose?  I want my kids to know their purpose is ultimately to serve God.  That in all we do, He should be in the forefront of our minds.  And while being home together, we are learning our purpose as a family, soon enough, they will be adults, who will need to have a defined purpose of their own, apart from our family.

Keeping ourselves tuned in to their interests, ideas, and hearts will help us lead them to see their purpose.  To foster their relationships so that they can function in the world around them.

God’s plans for my children may be different from my own, and I need to be aware of that always. To be open for His plans and purposes for their lives.  

I cannot create their future, but He will.

And while I know our family is the priority, I must keep in mind, they will be independent one day, and I don’t want them searching for an identity, but knowing their identity is in Christ.

All I can do is lay the foundation, foster relationships, and give them the skills to grow into godly young men and women.

So while I ponder our purpose for the present as a family, I know that their future will be shaped as well.  I must keep my eyes on God each moment of my life, because after all, they will hopefully model that. They learn from me, and I must set the precedent.

God’s will ultimately prevails.  And that is comforting…

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.
Proverbs 16:9

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