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Trusting in His Plans for My Children…

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. 
Luke 12:7

Today I was blow drying my daughter’s hair.  It was so relaxing…the dryer drowning out the background noise of boys being boys…the steady up and down, up and down, of the dryer and the brush.  I kept thinking of this verse over and over….

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”  Luke 12:7

With every stroke of the brush, I prayed, 
“I trust in God’s plan for your life…”

Her hair is so very thick and long.  She has so much hair.  And every hair is numbered.  God knows every single hair on her head.  On my head. On your head.

He not only knows every hair on her head and has them ordered, but he has the plans for her life already ordered and set.  

Sometimes I worry needlessly about my children.  Am I doing the right things?  Am I teaching them properly?  But when we abide in Him, and remain in Him, and are in close relationship with Him, then His will is done.

I can not make her life turn out any certain way.  It will turn out the way God has planned for her.  My job is to lead her, and teach her to obey Him, so that she may abide in Him.

The other day she told me she wants to travel to Africa when she is older and save endangered tigers.  Great!  (even though I told her I’d rather see her be a missionary and save people! haha!)

But seriously, do I ever want to squelch her passions? Never.
Do I want to get in the way of her passions? Never.
Do I want her to live a full life that is pleasing to God? Yes.  

If that takes her to Africa, then I trust in HIS plans for her life.

After all, her life is HIS.
She is mine on borrowed time.
It is my job to point her to Him.
I pray she does do great things, whether it be live in Africa, or stay at home and be a mom. Ultimately if she is following HIS will for her life, that is all I want.

Sometimes our dreams shadow the reality of our children’s life. We must learn to let go and completely surrender to God’s control of our children’s lives.

Because who am I to dare interfere with the great works God has planned for my children’s lives?

When He told me to homeschool, I was fearful.  But I knew it was His calling.  And I am blessed abundantly for it.

So when God calls our children, I pray they answer the call.  They don’t care what anyone thinks…whether it be me or the world.  But only what God thinks.  And answering to Him is all they need to do….

Isn’t it amazing what a simple act, such as blowing drying a child’s hair can teach you?  I am so thankful for that lesson today.

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