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Finding Freedom From Perfection

When we seek perfection, sometimes we may take God out of the equation. In our earthly life, we will never achieve perfection. In fact, we may just realize that God wants us to go to Him with our imperfections. Join me as we talk about finding freedom from perfection.

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Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

The Simple Homeschool Journey: Buiding a Family, Not Just a Transcript

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Simply...Living For Him

Are you weary?

Are you weary? Not just tired. But weary. Lord knows I know what tired is. I am always tired. For years I thought I was lazy. Why can’t I be an energizer bunny like others? Why do I always seem to get worn out daily? Last year, when I was diagnosed with a condition, it all made sense. There was a reason. I wasn’t just lazy, but my body wasn’t functioning optimally.

But weariness is different. It’s not just physically tired (which it certainly can include) but it’s deep inner exhaustion. A draining. And no matter how much you sleep, it’s still there.


I think everyone is weary after the last year and a half. We all have our stories. We all have our share of happenings that are hard. And throw in a global pandemic, a world that’s gone mad, and a news cycle that just doesn’t stop, and it’s a weariness like never before.

Our family has been through a myriad of life changes these past two years, and specifically the past several months. So much to navigate. Loss. Gain. Transition. So much to work through. And lately, I have been at the breaking point. I just can’t handle one more thing. My own things are overflowing and those around me also have seams about to burst. And I want to be able to work through it all. But in my weariness, I falter and fail.

But one of the most beautiful truths I have pondered lately is that God has no limits. When we feel like we are going to break, He supplies endless strength. In fact, I have discovered that the lowest point has actually been my greatest need. Because there is where I have seen Him most. And there is where I discover, it is not about the circumstances but what am I doing IN them?

He wants us to stop carrying these burdens alone. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop wading through the muddy waters. He wants us to walk with Him, in complete faith. We don’t know the outcomes but we don’t have to because He does. We walk on the water with Him. Because He is our source of power.

I want to honor Him each moment. I don’t do that when I am focused inward. I don’t do that when my thoughts are filled with junk. I don’t do that when my behavior acts on impulse. I certainly don’t do that when I doubt. Or fear. Or despair.

So if you are feeling weary lately, I want you to take heart. It’s like when I found out I had a health condition and I knew what made me tired. There is also a reason for the weariness. This world is not our home! Heaven is. We weren’t designed to live this way. We were designed to live by the Spirit.

Weariness in some odd way can show us the way back to the Father. To say, not my will but yours be done. Not my strength (or lack thereof) but yours. Not my flesh but your Spirit.

We are all walking a troubled path. It will never be smooth. So expect twists and turns and great big hills. And in His mercy, some peaceful valleys along the way. The good news is, He is on the path with us. He is leading us to a beautiful future with Him and one day all of these circumstances will be a vapor. A memory that fades away.

And we will say, “Ah. It wasn’t about the troubles, but what you did IN them.” We will recognize that each twist and turn had a purpose.

Our lives are happening for His purposes and if we can just honor God in each moment, no matter what is happening, we will be doing exactly what we are called to do.

So, if you are weary, you are not alone. We all are.

But God isn’t.

Blessings and Joy!


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Podcast, Simply...Living For Him

Our 2021-2022 Homeschool

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I have been wanting to share our curriculum choices in a live video but decided to do a podcast episode in conjunction with a VIDEO episode (available on YouTube) to talk about our homeschool year and our curriculum choices this year. Come take a peek into our homeschool days…

Watch this episode on YouTube!

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Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

Real Homeschool: Letting Go of the Pinterest Perfect and Instagram Ideal Homeschool

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Bible Based Homeschooling E-Course

Mystery of History

Math U See

Wordly Wise

Easy Peasy Online Homeschool

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The 101 Series

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homeschool, Simply...Living For Him

Homeschool 2021-2022

I had every intention of getting on Instagram live this week to show you all my curriculum choices for this year, but alas, life had other plans. Therefore, I am putting it here in this blog post with the hopes that I will get on Insta soon, and if not, here you go!

This year has been a rough transition. I remember the rough time I had going from one to two babies 18 years ago. Well, it feels sort of the same level of unknown and chaos going from one child out of the house to two. I don’t know how else to explain it, but it is a lot to get used to. Just two years ago I had a chaotic house of teens, and now life is getting quieter each day. Ok, more on that in another blog post…let’s get to the curriculum!

I have a 7th grader and an 11th grader this year. So far, this is what we are doing. I know full well things can change at any time!

7th Grade

The Mystery of History II- Early Church to Medieval

Math U See Pre-Algebra

Journey Homeschool Academy – Earth Science

Wordly Wise workbook

Easy Peasy Language 7

(read alouds with Mom- right now we are reading The Little Prince)

Various books to read on his own

11th Grade

The Mystery Of History II- Early Church to Medieval

Math U See (Geometry finishing up and then Algebra II)

Physics 101

Easy Peasy American Literature

(read alouds with Mom)

Various books to read on his own

We also have a LOT of real life learning- my oldest runs his own business, my youngest runs his hobby farm…plus any opportunity to learn is school for us around here- books not always necessary! 🙂


John MacArthur, Ken Ham, Rachael Carmen, Amy Roberts, Kevin Swanson, and more … Plus yours truly! 😉
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