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The Unchecked Boxes in Homeschool: A New Perspective

As we are in the thick of our homeschool year and it has not matched my plans from the beginning of the year, I am constantly reminding myself of this truth that I wholeheartedly believe:

Homeschooling is not our whole life. It is a part of our life. We do not homeschool and try to fit life in around it, but rather, we live life and fit our homeschool into that life.

Sometimes life gets crazy. Sometimes we have seasons of change, loss, birth, and all kinds of transitions. And that often means, our pretty neat and organized lesson planner is left with a lot of unchecked boxes. But please don’t let those checkmarks define your learning.

Our kids have been immersed in our life everyday for years. They have walked through many seasons with us. And we all walked together. Don’t underestimate the lessons that are there. We have taken them with us on many of life’s journeys:

Buying and selling a house

Death and new births


Family emergencies

Job loss


BIG family transitions


These are just to name a few. And as I look at my to grown children now, who are graduated from the “formal” years of schooling, I see a few very important observations.

They have been well-equipped fo LIFE. Not just a test. Not just a paper. Not just a class. Not just a syllabus. They are equipped for LIFE. They are both independent. They are making a life for themselves. They are making wise choices. They are confident. And most importantly, above all, they are following the Lord.

I have always said, the very most important life skill you can teach your child is to follow Him. I mean, if they are doing that, what else is there to worry about?

I have also observed that they are continuing to LEARN. I believe we lay a groundwork for education in their formal schooling at home, but the real learning begins after graduation. They will always be learning, and in the world we live in, you can literally learning anything you want at any time. There is an abundance of information out there, so learning is constant.

As an adult, I can definitively say that I have learned more in my years post high school, than I ever did before graduation day. I have learned much, much more in these past decades than in 12 years of schooling. So parents, please don’t think you have to teach them everything they need to know. They are going to learn far beyond these years. Give them the tools to learn. Give them the desire to learn. Teach them how to learn.

If you are like me, with boxes unchecked and days constantly interrupted by life, refocus. Shift your perspective. Ask yourself, what is GOD teaching us in these days? Maybe, just maybe, it’s those interruptions that are the real teacher. Watching Mommy and Daddy walk through a crisis is a lesson. Learning how to navigate life’s various ups and downs is a lesson. And teaching them to rely on the Lord through it all, is the greatest lesson there is.

I see it now in my older children. They are following Him, relying on Him, growing in Him, and learning along the way. Their foundation was our focus. Because if we had focused solely on academics, when life came at them with difficulties, the math curriculum wasn’t going to be the answer. God was and still is.

So, rest assured today. Eyes on the Lord. This life goes by quickly. At the end of your years, it won’t matter what language book you used, what science curriculum you chose, but that you built a family on the foundation that lasts beyond the homeschool years.

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homeschool, Simply...Living For Him

Homeschool 2021-2022

I had every intention of getting on Instagram live this week to show you all my curriculum choices for this year, but alas, life had other plans. Therefore, I am putting it here in this blog post with the hopes that I will get on Insta soon, and if not, here you go!

This year has been a rough transition. I remember the rough time I had going from one to two babies 18 years ago. Well, it feels sort of the same level of unknown and chaos going from one child out of the house to two. I don’t know how else to explain it, but it is a lot to get used to. Just two years ago I had a chaotic house of teens, and now life is getting quieter each day. Ok, more on that in another blog post…let’s get to the curriculum!

I have a 7th grader and an 11th grader this year. So far, this is what we are doing. I know full well things can change at any time!

7th Grade

The Mystery of History II- Early Church to Medieval

Math U See Pre-Algebra

Journey Homeschool Academy – Earth Science

Wordly Wise workbook

Easy Peasy Language 7

(read alouds with Mom- right now we are reading The Little Prince)

Various books to read on his own

11th Grade

The Mystery Of History II- Early Church to Medieval

Math U See (Geometry finishing up and then Algebra II)

Physics 101

Easy Peasy American Literature

(read alouds with Mom)

Various books to read on his own

We also have a LOT of real life learning- my oldest runs his own business, my youngest runs his hobby farm…plus any opportunity to learn is school for us around here- books not always necessary! 🙂


John MacArthur, Ken Ham, Rachael Carmen, Amy Roberts, Kevin Swanson, and more … Plus yours truly! 😉
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Simplify homeschool
Bible based homeschooling


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homeschool, Simply...Living For Him

Two Down and Two To Go

How do I even sum up another homeschool graduate? Two years ago when I graduated my firstborn it was such an emotional time. I wrote about it several times here on the blog as we finished the homeschool journey and sent her off to college. I wrote about our journey often that summer and then I even wrote a book about our journey which has received so many encouraging reviews.

Read the book:

So many have asked me if this time around is easier. And quite frankly it is not. In some ways, it is even harder. Don’t get me wrong though. Hard doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Hard doesn’t mean it isn’t where we are supposed to be. And hard doesn’t mean it isn’t right.

Launching another child this time has the added benefit of a perspective change as well. In a sense, I know what I am getting into. In a sense though, that’s a bit of what makes it harder. I know this time how much things are going to change.

Naively, two years ago when we sent my daughter to college, I thought things would stay the same. Sure, she’d be at college, but things would still stay the same. Yet, they certainly haven’t. And while they have changed for good, for very good even, they still have changed. So I have a keen awareness this time around to really relish it in all because it will never be this way again. No matter what, the family dynamics will change. I have two grown adult children now. And even though their lives are going in wonderful directions and they are thriving, the mommy heart in me now truly knows that this summer will be the last one of its kind.

And at the same time, life changes for good. So very good. We have so many things to look forward to. The days of diapers and naps and toys are over. And we have moved toward a whole new chapter of life. A very beautiful one at that!

My advice to the moms that are moving into new chapters– walk through it, feel all the feels, don’t try to avoid the natural pain and tears that will be shed. Feel it all. Allow yourself to grieve and rejoice at the same time. And then, look forward and walk forward, knowing God walks with you and in you.

And remember, just because it is hard doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do. When it is hard, remember, God is growing your children and you! And sometimes, that hurts.

Life is an always moving, forward journey. There are new and exciting things on the horizon. We will never “arrive” until the Lord calls us home. So enjoy today, look to tomorrow, and keep your eyes firmly fixed on Him the whole time!


15th Year of Homeschool

It was noticeably dark at 6:00 this morning. And eerily quiet. Gone are the light-filled early mornings, when the sun was up at 5 am. Gone are the symphony of birds that awoke me in early spring and summer. Their songs in the morning were so loud they often woke me before my alarm. Mama birds fluttering about tending their new nest full of babes. Hungry babies tweeting about. It was such a splendid and comforting sound.

Yet, this morning the alarm went off and it was still dark. I lay there listening to the quiet. It was deafening. And I thought about how just a few short months ago, this time of day was so busy and bright…and loud.

I couldn’t help but think it was a picture of the season of life I am heading toward. As those mama birds now have empty nests and quiet mornings, so will I.

We began our 15th year of homeschool today. One has graduated and is on her second year of college and full-fledged adulthood. Another, is readying to do the same.

My second oldest child, and oldest boy, is embarking on his senior year. I can fill this space with the cliches of, “…it goes by so fast…” (it does) but you know the drill. And if you don’t, you will.

Today I just kept thinking of the quiet morning. It was a sobering reminder that for all the times I just wished for some quiet around here…be careful what you wish for.

Like those mama birds, my mornings will turn to quiet for good some day.

I am so thankful for the gift of homeschool. I am truly aware that it is a gift to spend each day with my kids. To enjoy their company. To learn with them. To grow with them. To build our family.

We spent a few hours this morning around the kitchen table. We had a special breakfast, discussed our history and the Bible and literature. But it was about so much more. These babes of mine will leave this nest one day. I hope they will look back and remember a home that was secure and a home that even though was so imperfect, we ultimately built our family on the foundation of God and His Word.

I am savoring this last year of homeschool for my oldest (at home). I won’t rush through the lessons. I will take each day as God gives, knowing that each moment will quickly become a memory. May they be beautiful memories though.

I am excited about this upcoming school year. I have learned over the years what homeschooling is really about. And very little of it has to do with academics. Fifteen homeschool years ago, I was a scared mom who had no idea what she was doing. And look what God has done!

And now we await all that He will do this year and beyond…

We chose this verse for our upcoming homeschool year:

Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Philippians 3:12 NIV

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