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Yesterday my pastor spoke in his sermon on John 15.  What a beautiful passage that I have always loved.  The picture of the vine and the branches.  He spoke of many things that I hadn’t thought of before, and I love when I see a passage anew.

One of the words, which we have all heard so many times, yet I still keep thinking about differently is ABIDE.

We must abide in Him each day, each moment.  We must remain in Him.  Not get distracted by it all.

One of the definitions I found when looking up “abide” was this: To endure without yielding.  Without yielding.  I love that.

I pray to focus more on abiding in Him.  That is an essential part of a relationship with Him.  To abide in Him at each moment.  To constantly be in relationship-all day, everyday.

I mean, how often do I think I can do things on my own?  How often do I forget Him throughout the day?  How often am I focused on me, me, me?  Realizing that apart from Him, I do NOTHING…that is huge.

I need to abide when I am homeschooling, abide when I am doing the laundry for the third time today, abide when I am cleaning up messes, abide when I am playing with the kids.  I do it all through HIM.

He will help me to bear fruit.  He will prune me when I am not bearing fruit.

But I must remain in HIM.  Be in constant communication, through prayer, Bible, worship, praise, everything….

Abide: To endure without yielding.

I want my kids to have that relationship. In a world today where we are told to put ourselves first, I want them to put HIM first.

To abide in HIM-letting HIM lead us and not trying to do anything on our own.  

He knows how to use us, if we let Him. If we remain in Him.  
Seek His will, let Him lead, and simply abide.

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