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Simply…Living For Him

Simply...Living For Him

Life Updates

It’s been a while since I have written here. I have been so busy with my Simply Living for Him Online Women’s Community and other ministry things…and of course, life in general! I am excited about the things I have in the works for the ministry, and I will tell you about them at the end of this post!

So what’s new with me? I will be honest, many days I get down on myself. I look around at the world and get very down on the world too. But I realize so much of it are distractions. Designed by the enemy to take our eyes off of Jesus. You can hear all about that in my latest podcast episode here.

Distracted// Ep 195

Homeschooling has been going so well this year. I am LOVING the time with my teen boys- yes, you read that right. I would venture to say these are the very BEST years of homeschooling. We are doing our mornings together- we start with US Government and Literature. We sit at the kitchen table and discuss so much. We also laugh a ton. Seriously, teenage boys are hilarious!

For years, I dreaded the teen years because society told me to. But I have discovered they are beautiful years- those little ones you were training (and praying like crazy for!) evolve into these young adults that are able to have deep conversations and at the same time hilarious moments. I adore them. I adore the people they are becoming. Is it all sweetness and roses every day? NO. I am not trying to say that, but overall I have found these to be the best years of all.

In my new book, The Simple Homeschool Journey, I outline our entire journey from Kindergarten to college with my firstborn. I talk very candidly about the struggles we faced. And I truly believe because we focused on building a family, and not just an academic transcript, we are seeing the fruit these days. And when things are hard, we go to the Lord, and He grows us through it. Want to check out the book? You can find it here.

Often I stop myself from writing, or creating videos and more content because I say, “Karen, no one really needs to hear what you have to say.” And then I remind myself, my mission is always to point to what Jesus has to say. I think the enemy likes to throw those arrows, but as long as I remain steadfast in pointing to God, my voice will not be silenced.

This earthly life is not easy, but I daily remind myself, it isn’t supposed to be. I can’t look back on what was, or look ahead to what if, but only know right now, what IS. And God is on the throne! As my boys and I have looked at Bible times and Medieval ages, all the way to the 20th century in school, I am always reminded…nothing is new under the sun. Every generation from thousands of years ago until now probably thought Jesus was returning in their lifetime. Generations have always suffered. What matters most is sticking to the agenda of building the Kingdom! I will continue to share the message and hope of Christ each day.

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Coming in our community in 2021:

NEW Bible Study: Sit at His Feet. This will be a study on Mary and Martha as we begin the new year in a posture to sit at His feet and choose the most important.

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Simply...Living For Him

Looking Forward

Every year in August I become melancholy. I don’t want summer to end. I hang onto it for dear life. It seems while everyone is anticipating fall and pumpkin spice everything, I want to stay in flip flops with ice pops forever.

This year is different. So different. Because of the state of the world we live in, I am not holding onto the present nearly as much. I guess because lately, times have been so tumultuous.

The world is different. So different. Sometimes I ache for what was. Sometimes I fear for what will be.

And in all of this, I know what is. God is on the throne. In fact, I came down the stairs this morning and declared to my family, “Today is a good day because God is on the throne!” Motivating them, while half trying to convince myself.

I know it’s true. God IS on the throne. But often we need to be reminded because we make this world our kingdom. When we are part of a greater Kingdom.

So I have been asking the Lord to make me useful for His Kingdom. Not to get caught up in building earthly kingdoms, but in building HIS Kingdom. Because in the end, that is what matters. All of the stuff we are focused on and fighting for is for here. But what is to come is far greater.

My girl left last week. Instead of the usual excitement mixed with sadness, it was covered in unknowns. Lots of emotions for us all to process. But I keep reminding myself, He is on the throne.

I have felt lonely these days. Not because of quarantine. In fact, we have been out quite a bit, been to church every week, and have seen family. But because the world is different. It feels like people are more distant emotionally. It is a strange world these days. Everyone is feeling the effect of the hard.

And I remind myslef. I am a member of the Kingdom. I serve a King. I am never alone. He has a plan for my life here that will affect life there. And that motivates me and inspires me.

So, as the summer fades into fall, rather than my usual melancholy, I anticipate the future, with no fear, no hold on the past, and trusting God for all that is to come.

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Our Firm Foundation

Our homeschool has evolved over the years. I think in the beginning, the Bible was weaved into our daily schedule. Yet over the years, instead of weaving it in and out, it has become the firm foundation we need it to be in order to succeed.

I have often said that I don’t care if my children know all the math and science in the world, if they don’t know God, then I haven’t done my job. What good is it to acquire knowledge without first having godly wisdom?

Call me an underachiever, but what does it matter to be successful in the world’s eyes, but not God’s? Who defines success? I may be an underachiever by the world’s standards, but I am not looking for worldly achievement, but to make disciples- and that my friends is eternal gain.

I started this journey as a call from God. It was not something I wanted to do, and definitely not something I thought I could do. But I did it for Him, and it is all about Him. Yes, our homeschool revolves around Him.

He is the firm foundation. He is weaved throughout all of our lessons and He has built this homeschool. Without Him, I stand alone, and I will fail. He started this journey, He will walk us through it, and He will see it end.

So really, the Bible is a central part of our homeschool- everything we learn is from Him. It isn’t something we add into our studies, but something that we revolve everything around. He created History, Science, and Math. I love seeing His hand in everything. So while we have to be intentional about pointing to Him in each subject, most times, He is revealed to us already- we just need to open our eyes and see.

A Bible-based homeschool is really just what we have naturally progressed to over the years. I couldn’t imagine teaching any other way. He is the foundation of our life, and that most certainly applies to our homeschool. This life He has given us is His and we will walk with Him wherever He takes us.

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Tried and True Homeschooling Tips

This year we begin our 15th year of homeschooling. Having successfully graduated one that is off at college, and still homeschooling three more, I can clearly look back now at the things I wished I had known sooner! But my mistakes can hopefully be someone’s help!

Hear my story- An Unlikely Homeschooler

So, here are my biggest tips to homeschooling! (for more homeschooling encouragement, click here)

Homeschool is not school at home.

Early on I tried to recreate the schoolroom in my house. It took a few years until I realized,  homeschooling is completely different than just doing school at home. It is a lifestyle and a way of life. It provides the freedom to learn without being confined to four walls. You do not need a classroom in your home to teach. In fact, the best learning took place in our yard, on the couch, and at the kitchen table.

Real-life is really the teacher.

Most of the best lessons we learned over the years were never in a plan book or a textbook. They took place in real life. After all, we are preparing our children for life, not a test.

It’s okay to not finish a book.

Learning doesn’t take place when we cram. That may store knowledge into our minds, but true learning takes place when it is paced according to the learner’s needs. Don’t stress about finishing every book. I learned that schools rarely gets through a whole text in a year. And if you don’t finish during the school year, but you really want or need to, you have time. Finish it over the summer or even next school year. The beauty of homeschooling is that you are on your own schedule.

Stick with what works.

Let’s face it. These days there is so much available to homeschoolers and most if it is really good! We have endless options. But if you find something you like, stick with it. Don’t let the new and latest curriculum tempt you from what is already tried and true. Otherwise, we play the game of curriculum swap every year and we never really get into a good routine. So stick with what works, even when your friend says, “Oh, I saw this new math book…” 😉

Keep it simple.

My mantra. In all things. Simple is best and when you weed out all of the distractions, it is truly beneficial for everyone. Homeschooling does NOT have to be complicated. In fact, it is glorious when it isn’t! Too often we left the distractions drown us. Be free of all the extras. Keep God at the center. Love on your family. Enjoy learning together. Build your family. Not just a transcript.

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Relationships trump academics every time.

One of the greatest blessings that have been a result of homeschooling is our family and the relationships we have built. We are a close-knit family. And I believe because we invested our time and energy into that, it has paid off. Was it always easy? NO. But nothing worth doing ever is. When attitudes were poor, instead of pushing books more, those were the times we focused on character and discipleship. Because when the relationship between you and your child is solid, it makes academic issues easier to conquer- together.

Never, by any means, compare.

The comparison trap will steal all the joy from your homeschool. Your homeschool is not supposed to look like anyone else’s. God created YOUR family for a unique purpose and He will accomplish those purposes uniquely to your family. When you look at what everyone else is doing, it is coveting someone else’s life. Keep your eyes on God. Don’t think the grass is greener elsewhere. Tend to your own. And remember, you answer to God alone. We work for an audience of one.

Keep God at the Center.

Want to be “successful” in your homeschool? Pray. Let God lead you. Don’t take your eyes off of HIm. Seek Him all things. That’s the key. Read all about this in my book Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead YourHomeschool.

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