This year our theme was Jesus is Enough. In a world full of excess, He is all we need!

“This retreat was amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was more than I could imagine!”

“Thank you so much for a biblically solid and restful retreat. I felt truly rested and renewed!”



In 2016, we held our first ever Simply Living for Him Retreat. It was far beyond our expectations, and God worked in amazing ways that weekend. In 2017, we returned to Gettysburg and it was even better than before! It is hard to put into words how God is using these weekends. These retreats are all about Jesus and not about us. We do hope you will join us!

Get rid of distractions for a bit and seek Him above the noise of this world.

“For two years running, the SLFH conference has been a place to step back from the demands of life, and rest, refocus, and reconnect with Jesus…with the added bonus of creating some truly amazing friendships!”



At the Simply Living for Him Retreat you will:

  • Spend time with other women tired of what this world offers, and want what He offers
  • Get away from the everyday distractions of life and connect with the Lord in a gorgeous setting
  • Learn about living more simply in a complicated world
  • Learn about ways to reduce clutter-both physical and mental
  • Dig into the Word together
  • Worship with other ladies
  • Pray with other ladies
  • Spend time in quiet and rest
  • Fellowship

This is not a typical “fluffy” women’s retreat where we puff ourselves up, but a time to gather and exalt His name.  We feel when women seek Jesus alone, they will find their identity and worth comes from Him alone, and not externals.


We currently do not have plans for a 2019 Retreat but are earnestly seeking the Lord for direction. If you are interested in an event in your area, please email


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About Karen DeBeus (founder of the Simply Living for Him Retreat)

Karen is the author and owner of Simply Living for Him, a blog and ministry committed to encouraging readers to live simply while seeking more of Jesus. She is the author of three best-selling homeschool books and speaker. She founded the Simply Living for Him Retreat in 2016 which gives all women time away from distractions of this world to seek Jesus while learning about living more simply in a complicated world.