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God is Good. In All Things.

Today’s post isn’t really about simplifying or homeschooling or hobby farming or anything like that. Just some thoughts I have had lately that I hope would encourage you in your walk with Jesus…wherever you are.

In the horrific events of the news or in the tragedies of life we see…many times we are spared from catastrophe or death. And we often respond with “Praise the Lord! God is good!’

And He is.

Yet, I often think about this from the other side. When thousands of people perished on September 11th, one of our biggest praises was that my husband was no longer taking the train to NYC that would have arrived in the Trade Center at precisely the time the planes hit. We responded with, “God is so good! He saved you!”

There were many, many similar stories of God preserving someone’s life, sometimes even miraculously.

Yet, what does that say for the thousands that perished that day?

That God isn’t good?
That God didn’t save them?

Hard stuff to think about, but something to truly comprehend.

God is not good because He saved you from disaster. He is always good. Yes, in that moment we feel especially saved from death and that we are blessed with a little more time.

But what if…what if that was the time He didn’t save you from death?

For every person that is saved from death daily, there are just as many others whose time is up.

I know, hard stuff. No one wants to think about it. But not thinking about it doesn’t remove the truth.

First, God is good. Whether He prevents us from disaster or whether He allows it in our life.

And second, we all will come to a time when it will be our turn to die. And God will still be good.

Especially then.

Because it is then, in death, that He truly saves.


When we say, “God saved me!” in response to a near death experience, it is true, for a moment. He gave you more time.

But I can say, “He saved me!” even until death.

Because when my death comes, His true saving grace will begin.

I will spend eternity with Him.

So the truth is, we must come to grips with the after-death and to know true saving. If He has saved you from near death, and you do not know Him as Savior, then yes, He is giving you more time to repent and turn to Him so that you may have lasting salvation.

And if you have been saved from death for the moment, and do know Him as Savior, then He is not done with your earthly purpose yet. Use the time you have for good and to share Jesus with others.

We must remember that for each earthly good thing that happens, there is always someone suffering elsewhere. For every prayer that isn’t answered your way, there is prayer being answered favorably elsewhere. And God is good in all of it.

He is sovereign over every single thing that happens in this world- both good and bad. He has allowed it all for a purpose and for His glory.

So let us remember, that God is good all the time. And He ultimately saves us not just from death itself, but into eternal life.

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