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Homeschool 2021-2022

I had every intention of getting on Instagram live this week to show you all my curriculum choices for this year, but alas, life had other plans. Therefore, I am putting it here in this blog post with the hopes that I will get on Insta soon, and if not, here you go!

This year has been a rough transition. I remember the rough time I had going from one to two babies 18 years ago. Well, it feels sort of the same level of unknown and chaos going from one child out of the house to two. I don’t know how else to explain it, but it is a lot to get used to. Just two years ago I had a chaotic house of teens, and now life is getting quieter each day. Ok, more on that in another blog post…let’s get to the curriculum!

I have a 7th grader and an 11th grader this year. So far, this is what we are doing. I know full well things can change at any time!

7th Grade

The Mystery of History II- Early Church to Medieval

Math U See Pre-Algebra

Journey Homeschool Academy – Earth Science

Wordly Wise workbook

Easy Peasy Language 7

(read alouds with Mom- right now we are reading The Little Prince)

Various books to read on his own

11th Grade

The Mystery Of History II- Early Church to Medieval

Math U See (Geometry finishing up and then Algebra II)

Physics 101

Easy Peasy American Literature

(read alouds with Mom)

Various books to read on his own

We also have a LOT of real life learning- my oldest runs his own business, my youngest runs his hobby farm…plus any opportunity to learn is school for us around here- books not always necessary! 🙂


John MacArthur, Ken Ham, Rachael Carmen, Amy Roberts, Kevin Swanson, and more … Plus yours truly! 😉
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Simplify homeschool
Bible based homeschooling


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Podcast, Simply...Living For Him

How I Keep It Simple In My Homeschool

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Today we are talking about how I have kept it simple in my homeschool over the past 16 years and the most important thing you can do in your homeschool. When it comes to curriculum, schedules, routines, methods, styles, and more, you will want to do this. Whether you are a homeschooling family or not, these principles will apply to all. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s focus on what matters most in your homeschool.



Bible Based Homeschooling

Simplify Your Homeschool


The Unlikely Homeschooler

Homeschool Consulting

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Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God Lead Your Homeschool

The Simple Homeschool Journey: Buiding a Family, Not Just a Transcript

Real Home: Letting Go of the Pinterest Perfect and Instagram Ideal Homeschool

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Homeschooling…and MORE! LIVE EVENT With Karen DeBeus

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Join author and national speaker, Karen DeBeus, a veteran homeschooling mom of 16 years, as she hosts this LIVE and interactive workshop that will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about homeschooling- and more!

Karen will tackle topics from getting started to finishing well. She will cover curriculum, schedules, planning, homeschooling multiple ages, meeting state requirements, hands-on learning, and SO much more. Come with your questions because this will be INTERACTIVE! Or, submit a question on the event page to be answered during the event!

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This event will take place LIVE on August 20th in a member-only Facebook Group. You will be sent the link for the page immediately upon registering.

It will begin at 2 pm, with hourly 5-minute breaks.

Tentative Schedule:

2 pm: Getting Started Homeschooling

3 pm: Staying the Course

4 pm: Finishing Well

Karen will also encourage you, as she ALWAYS does- to focus on what matters most- following God! Building your family on His firm foundation!

Come for as little or as long as you like. Each session will be interactive so you can get your questions answered LIVE!

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A Path of Our Own: Homemaking, Homeschooling, and Self-Employment// ep 210

Today I am sharing a bit of our journey and how God has led us to a path of homemaking, homeschooling, and self-employment. I have always lived with the idea that I wanted to make the most use of my time, and I wasn’t working for a pension plan but for life now and for God. Come listen in, learn a bit about me, and see how some of these principles may apply in your own life, no matter what God has called you to do!

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