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Praise the Lord for Filthy Floors

Oh, my, were the floors filthy this morning. Really. Crumbs and stickiness abound. They needed a good deep cleaning and I got down and finally tackled the floors.

As I was cleaning, I reminded myself how much I loved these filthy floors.


Sounds kinda weird, huh?

But let me explain…

These filthy floors represent so much more than a chore. I could easily fret about them or sulk that I was on my hands and knees cleaning them with sweat dripping down my face. But I praised God for these filthy floors.

Filthy floors meant we were filled to the brim with company this week. Folks in and out of the house almost everyday, enjoying fellowship and enjoying each other. Love abounded. And these floors were the result. 

So as I wiped, I praised. (I am also grateful for no-maintenance vinyl that wipes clean. No scrubbing no fuss! Style or not- they are fuss-free! I choose ease over trends any day 😉 )

When we moved to this house we knew we wanted to open our doors to people. Friends, family, strangers. Whomever God brought.

This week we had kids and teens, and families, and grandparents, and great-grandparents, and neighbors.

What more could we ask for?

So my filthy floors were a blessing. A house lived in.

Someday when I go to be with the Lord, He will not ask, were your floors spotless? Did they look like an HGTV home? 

But did you use what I gave you to love on people? Or did you not invite people in because you were afraid of the mess?

The mess will not last forever, but relationships will.

(ps. for all of those who are worried- I am not condoning dirty homes or not washing the floors. I am not promoting laziness and not keeping up your home. I am just changing perspective and praising during the chore. Because yes, I will get emails and comments telling me I am not a good housewife and promoting filth! True story. 😉 HA!!)


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