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Love Your Neighbor. Truly.

As I look at this world which seems to get darker every day, I can get quite discouraged. All I can do is pray that those who do not know Jesus, will come to know Him. Afterall, we will never have peace in this world until He returns, and for all those who know Him, that will be a truly glorious day.

I get disgusted by the news, the behavior of those in the dark, the immorality of our culture. Sometimes it is just too much to comprehend. And then I remember, that I was one of those people…

How soon we forget.

Being a Christian is not about being right, although there are so many caught in arguments right now trying to prove just that.

Being a Christian has nothing to do with pride.

Being a Christian is not about us.

It is all about Jesus and who He is and we can start by loving others.

It doesn’t mean we condone the culture, but we love them enough to share the Good News with them.

Someone once did that for me. I wouldn’t have heard her message about Jesus if it was clouded with her telling me how wrong I was. She didn’t condone my choices, but she also guided me to the truth in love. And in order for me to hear her, she first established a relationship with me, truly invested in my life, and took care to know about me. 

We can’t expect an unbelieving culture to behave like believers, but we can start by showing them how a true believer behaves.

I encourage you to listen to this story and then go out and love on others…especially those who are not the same as you. How can we show them God’s love if we don’t love them first?


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