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Simple Organization: Good Bye Color-Coded Bins, and Multiple Planners… Why I’ve Gone Back to the Basics

For years I would try every organization method out there…gleaning all I could from blogs, Pinterest, and Facebook. I was on the search for creating a more organized home, a more efficient home, filled with order and peace. Chore charts, budget systems, personal planners, meal planners, school planners…you name it. I was searching for it.

Yet it was never about the system.
It was about me. Sure, things could be more organized and helpful, but I was looking for the “be-all-end-all” that would create order and peace in my home. I wanted to feel in control of my life and was constantly searching for the next best way. I wanted the pretty bins, the color-coded life, where everything was orderly into neat little boxes. Yet, that isn’t life.

I wanted peace and order. And that my friends, is never found on Pinterest.

True peace and order come from knowing the Lord, reading His Word, and following Him. I was looking for more than a method, I was looking for a false sense of order. Constantly striving to have the best system would not give me the true and lasting peace and order that comes only through Him.

Simple is better. I do not need a color-coded binder system or the prettiest planners on the block. I could simply use a binder from the dollar store and some spiral notebooks and have just as much organization in my life. Elaborate doesn’t always mean better. Simple is usually the easiest and most efficient anyway.

Think back to our grandmothers. They kept order in their homes without all the fluff. We are creating a world today where even trying to keep order, has created disorder or discontentment. We have made it so complicated.

It’s not about how things look on the outside…but where our hearts are on the inside.

I have learned in our new home that less clutter is so freeing. I have less things weighing me down, and more energy and efficiency that way. My desk has simple file folders for important papers, I have a notebook for my work stuff, and a planner for my school stuff.

I  no longer feel the need to search out every method of organization that often ends with me still feeling restless. It also usually ends with me purchasing needless files, binders, colored tabs, etc. It just feeds the continuous cycle of always planning and not doing. Because that is what I was doing…always planning my life, and not doing life. Needless hours online researching how to run my life efficiently….time that would have been well spent in the Word…

So I’ve gone back to the basics, and realized that my peace and order in life come from Him. When I am steeped in His Word daily, covered in prayers daily, and focused on the bigger things in life, rather than all of the unnecessary details, my sense of order falls into place. Then there is freedom to live…truly live with peace and order.

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