Homeschool Consulting and Mentoring

One of my greatest joys, as I have written for the homeschool community for over a decade and spoken across the country, is to connect with homeschooling families walking this journey. It is a privilege to speak with, pray with, and offer advice to so many of you. And many times, I have received several emails and inquiries that I just wish I could devote more time to and give more thorough advice, mentorship, and counsel than an email reply. Which is why I am thrilled to offer this brand new addition to my ministry here at Simply Living for Him.

Personal Homeschool Consulting and Mentoring

From a client:

“I am grateful for a Spirit-filled woman like Karen who I could discuss homeschooling and life within this new adventure of hers. I have been homeschooling for seven years and felt like I needed some outside perspective for my life and homeschool. I chose Karen because I love her focus on living for Jesus and I desire that for my life. I opted for a one-hour session with her via FaceTime. The hour flew by. The format worked well because Karen came to the hour-long session well-prepared after reviewing a questionnaire I had previously filled out. She listened to my concerns and questions and provided feedback. She prayed for me, encouraged me, challenged me, and gave me some things to think and pray about. Her insight and perspective were such a blessing to me. I highly recommend the consultation! If I ever feel the need to have an outside perspective again, I would do another consultation again. It was a great investment for me and my family.” ~consulting client

I am honored to have a chance to walk alongside you on this journey, whether you need a one time boost of encouragement or counsel or an ongoing relationship for accountability, planning, prayer, encouragement, and guidance.

How often do you wish that you had someone you could sit down with, who has walked this journey already, and picked their brain? Perhaps you are overwhelmed, burnt out, and running on empty. Maybe you need a fresh set of eyes on your plans and curriculum? Or just an outside perspective. Perhaps you just need a listening ear, a prayer warrior, or someone to help point you back to your goals and your focus. Maybe you can’t sort through the curriculum catalogs just one more time and need guidance in choosing the right fit. Whatever you are facing, I would love to join you as an encourager, mentor, and consultant.

This will not just be about choosing a curriculum, methods, plans, or even organization. Yes, I can, and will be available to help you with those things. But my goal first and foremost will always be to keep you focused on your God-given calling in homeschooling and seeking the Lord first in all you do. I will provide biblically-based encouragement.

“After my call with Karen today I feel more at peace about beginning this homeschooling journey. It was like talking to a longtime friend, very real but also so encouraging. It helped to have someone to express my concerns, desires to and to ask my questions. I appreciate the openness and the relatability to Karen and her experience homeschooling. Well worth the time and money. I would recommend a call with her if for nothing more than to talk to this inspiring and God filled woman.” ~consulting client

How Does it Work?

We will meet via Skype, phone, or in-person (limited availability depending on location.)  You can purchase a one time call or we have monthly plans. There is also an option for check-ins as needed. You will receive a questionnaire by email to fill out before our first meeting so I can get to know you and your needs first. This will help me begin to prepare a plan for our time together. You will decide if you need a one-time consultation or you would like to meet regularly. 

“Karen was a blessing to be able to spend time with. She patiently listened to my concerns and fears about home educating and parenting in general. She related to me by sharing similar experiences from her own life and encouraged me that everything is going to be okay when we follow Jesus. Most importantly for me is that she helped to give me a vision for the next few stages of my children’s lives. She wisely gave me some directives to do that will help me see more clearly the direction God is calling our family to go. I so appreciate her willingness to take the time to pour wisdom into the home educating families of today. What a privilege it was to spend one-on-one time with Karen. ” ~ consulting client

Who is Karen DeBeus?

Karen is a nationally known speaker, author, and podcaster at Simply Living for Him. She is a veteran homeschooler who has graduated her first and is still schooling her three other children at home. She is the author of three best-selling homeschool books and has sold over 50,000 copies combined between them.

For years homeschooling moms have been encouraged by her talks at homeschooling conventions across the country and her weekly podcast Simply Living for Him. She has spoken at homeschooling events, women’s events, and most recently the Bible Family Conference in Washington, DC.

She has walked out this homeschooling journey in a real and authentic way online sharing with her readers the good, the bad, and everything in between. She believes when we link arms as homeschooling moms and keep Jesus at the center of all we do, we can move mountains in our homeschools!

Her mission will always be to point others to Jesus. She lives on her little hobby farm in rural NJ, where her family traded in the rat race to live more simply for the glory of God.

Who is this For?

Here are just some examples of someone who may benefit from Karen’s services:

  • New homeschoolers just starting out and needing direction and guidance
  • Homeschoolers needing accountability and encouragement
  • Homeschoolers that are feeling overwhelmed and need refocus
  • A mom looking for guidance from someone who has completed the homeschooling journey
  • Homeschoolers looking to simplify their homeschools and get rid of distractions (this is her specialty! Karen will help you get your focus back!)
  • Homeschoolers near the end of their journey and wanting to finish well
  • A homeschooler needing help in choosing curriculum (please note- Karen will help you make decisions and guide you, but will not put together a program for you.)
  • A mom of many wondering how to homeschool multiple ages
  • A homeschool mom looking for support and encouragement as well as prayer
  • A mom that wants a biblically-based outlook on homeschool and is willing to seek the Lord above all else

*Please note, There may be instances where Karen will need to point you to resources to equip you further such as HSLDA. Karen can not provide legal advice or be responsible for your homeschool choices, but will always do her best to use her experience and wisdom to point you to resources above what she can provide. 

What Does it Cost?

Depending on your needs, we can accommodate a personalized plan.

Cost will range as follows: 

  • One-time-only session via Skye or phone call – 1 hour  (with initial email questionnaire): $70
  • 3-month package of one hour sessions, monthly: $195
  •  Check-in meetings (30 min.- only available after the purchases of at least one-hour session): $35 or click here

Together, let’s walk this journey and purpose to make this journey less overwhelming and filled with more joy!


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