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Kids Are Not Born Little Adults: Preserving Childhood

Sometimes my heart just really hurts for children these days. Everywhere I turn, the world is telling them it isn’t ok to be a kid. With the rush for earlier schooling, more schooling, busier schedules, all while making sure they are “well-rounded,” it’s like the world forgot what it means to be a kid!

I recently saw a huge facebook battle over the fact that some schools want to impose a later start to their day. As it is, in many places, kids are getting on school buses before the sun is even up. And with the numerous studies showing that kids, especially teens, need more sleep there is a push for later school times. Yet the opposition thinks it’s outrageous. While many of the arguments were from working parents who need their kids on the bus before they go to work (still sad in my opinion), most of the reasons were because kids need to learn how to function in the “real world.”

The last time I checked, kids do function in the real world. But we are forgetting to let them function as kids in that world. 

You see, with the faster-paced society focused on external successes, somewhere along the way, we have equated adults with kids. 

But kids are not born little adults. They are born infants, who grow into toddlers, and then children, teens, and eventually adults. It’s a process. And it involves time and growth.

When we use the excuse to make kids fit into our adult lives and say it is because they will need to be doing it “someday,” it makes no logical sense.

When I birthed my babies, I didn’t feed them pizzas as newborns because well, “someday” they will need to eat pizza so they better get used to it now. No. In fact, I only fed them milk because that is all their little stomachs were made to handle. Then we moved up to baby foods, toddler portions, and adult portions when they were older. If I had tried to feed a newborn pizza it would have never worked and it would have been harmful.

We do the same thing to our children when we make them fit into an adult schedule because someday they may work an 8-5 schedule (which quite frankly, still doesn’t make sense, because many of us don’t “work” those typical hours either. Many of us have non-traditional schedules that don’t fit with the corporate world.) 

I am grateful that we are able to homeschool and to raise our children out here in the simple life. I must keep my eyes focused on Jesus and our goals and not what the world says. There have been times when I have questioned my own parenting and choices and then I remember…they are kids. They are learning as they grow. It’s ok to let each stage take its course.

Today we were able to spend some time in the much-needed sunshine. My ten year old and I walked the property identifying animal tracks in the snow. He wasn’t just learning about the animals, but he was allowed to explore, be curious, and take time to just be a 10-year-old boy. He grabbed sticks, trudged through mud, pounced in the stream with his muck boots. He found a snail in the stream. He noticed the skunk cabbage is just starting (hurray for Spring!). I pointed out how God created the seasons and how magnificent God is. Plus, he was able to enjoy so many other things about our woods he just wouldn’t have time to do if I made him “act like an adult” and sit at the desk for a day.


Let kids be kids. I promise you there is time for them to be adults, and they will be productive, well-rounded adults when their childhood was allowed and enjoyed.

A few years ago, we threw out the curriculum and taught our kids for one year using the Bible as our main textbook! It was an amazing year, and so many have asked me just how we did it. So, we have finally put together an e-course that will show you how you CAN teach all subject from the Bible, and even if you don’t choose that for your family, you will be encouraged to always keep the Bible as the firm foundation in your homeschool! Our generation needs to teach the generation  God’s Word!

Releasing SOON!


Simply Living for Him

What Does the Bible Say About That?

What does the Bible say about that? It is a question we are answering with our kids these days during our family Bible time. For the past several years we spend time together in the Bible every night. First, a few years back, we read through the entire Bible. It took us 2.5 years, but we really solidified our time together in the Bible during those years. It really became ingrained in us to sit down as a family every single night and read God’s Word. It is just part of what we do every night.

When we finished reading through the entire Bible about a year ago, we then went on to do some theology studies, then read through certain books or would pick a verse for the day and read it and discuss it. Just recently though, we are trying something new.

In an effort to prepare our children for what they will face in this culture, we are sitting down each night to address different issues in the world and asking, “What does God say about___.” Then we ask, “What does the world say about___.”

Because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter as much what we say about the issue…but what God says about it.


Because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter as much what we say about the issue…but what God says about it? He is the absolute truth we are seeking and His Word will give us the truth we need to discern the never-ending issues in our culture that we are all facing these days.

So, how does this look? So far we have addressed poverty, money/debt, and are now on life (abortion/euthanasia will fall into this.) We are probably going to be on this last topic for a little bit. We have found Bible verses to really see what God says about these issues. Then we discuss them. Sometimes I might bring in a good article or sermon, as long as it is from a reputable source. 

Because face it, everyone has a lot to say, but are we asking what does God say first? We can only discern biblical truth by being in the Word. We have to be careful not to face the issues with what other people say until we have found what God says.

We have had some interesting discussions lately that stemmed from what the Bible says about the topics we addressed so far, and it really helped to even talk about government issues (ie: socialism) and culture issues. We plan to continue going through many more issues such as gender, homosexuality, marriage, God (vs. atheism), moral laws, etc.

We are also comparing what the world says with what the Bible says. And most times, it is contradictoy.

I have three teenagers and a tween, so it is of the utmost importance that we are teaching Truth. There is a world waiting out there to pounce on them with beleifs that are in direct conflict with the Word of God. We can’t be surprised if they follow the things of this world if we haven’t grounded them firmly in the truth. We believe it is our job to not only teach them God’s Word but to teach them discernment. And that will come through their study of the Bible.

Coming Soon! Bible-Based Homeschooling e-Course!

We are thrilled that the e-course will be released this week! Stay tuned. You will hear me screaming from the rooftops when it’s ready! 😉

This course is a guide where I will walk you through exactly how we used the Bible as our main textbook in our homeschool for one year. So many folks have asked me over the years just how we did it, and I sat down to make this course as a guide, but not a curriculum! I want to inspire and equip you if God is leading you to do this, and even if not, to remember that the Bible is still the foundation upon which we build our homeschool.

Simply Living for Him



A question I pondered recently. Why do I write about my passion for women to be in the Word? Why do I pursue reaching others for Christ? Why do I speak, write, and podcast about families focusing on what matters most? Living more simply so they can have fewer distractions and more focus on God? Why do I want women to live out real and authentic relationships?

It’s not just because it is warm and fuzzy or trendy or a fad or something to put on a platform.


The more I think about these things, the more I am motivated and inspired and encouraged that pursuing people and pointing them to Jesus can change the culture from the inside out.

It’s not just a pipe dream. The culture is going downhill…fast. But we can change the culture starting with one.

•One woman starts reading her Bible and blossoms in her relationship with Jesus.
•One woman decides to get offline and back to real life friendships.
•One woman stops obsessing over Pinterest and puts that energy into her family in front of her.

•One woman takes her eyes off of the world and onto Jesus.

And each of those women then has an effect on the next they come into contact with, and those have an effect on whom they come in contact with. Who knows how far the reach has expanded. Through that one changed woman.


When I got into blogging, and really understood the technical aspect of it, there was much talk about numbers and reach, etc. But I never was motivated by the superficial reach. I was motivated by a greater reach…

My reach is for Jesus. And I want to look back some day and say, “I did what I could with what I was given for Jesus.”

My mission here at Simply Living for Him is always to point others to Jesus. And to know that just one…just one soul affected…can reach an infinite amount. So I will always write for the one…and let God use it how He sees fit.

Join me? Let’s change the culture…it can only take place when hearts change. When the inside is living for Jesus, it affects our outward behavior. Our world is getting darker each moment, and I will never stop shining the Light. 

Read more about the Power of One that changed ME here–> The Power of One

When you share my posts and messages, you are helping me to reach just that one!

Simply Living for Him

God Showed Up in Wilson, NC!

Words can never adequately describe these experiences. It has happened at the Simply Living for Him Retreats, and now this time after our women’s gathering in Wilson, NC. There simply aren’t words to give it justice, but I will try.

Going to Wilson, NC

I had the privilege of ministering to a group of women in lovely Wilson, NC this past weekend. It certainly was a weekend orchestrated by God, in every detail.

Many months ago I had been contacted to bring a SLFH event to the south by a lovely follower of the blog. She was confident that a SLFH event would be something women in her area would want to attend. Yet, when the details became a little murky, and we weren’t sure there would even be enough women to hold the event, she certainly persisted and was confident in the fact that it would be fruitful. Now, I am always willing to go wherever God takes me, but this time I just wasn’t sure.

Well, God showed me that all I need to do it obey the calling and He WILL take care of the details.

My friend, Jackie Foster, who has helped me with the past two SLFH Retreats planned to join me as a ministry helper and in delivering a (HOME RUN) session to the ladies! (more on that on a bit)

Well, the time came for the event and I was excited and prepared. All I needed to do was a get a decent amount of sleep Thursday night, to be up at 4 am Friday to catch an early flight with Jackie down to NC. I was tired Thursday night and thought it would be no problem to fall asleep…until I got into the bed.

Then the dreaded thoughts came, the “what if’s,” the tossing and turning. With every passing hour, the anxiety grew until it was shortly before 4:00 am and I began to erupt in full blown panic. When Steve woke up I explained I hadn’t slept one wink…not even a little bit…and I was terrified. How could I get on a plane, travel, and then be strong enough to begin the event THAT evening? There was no day in between the travel and the event. I needed to be ready that night!

Steve prayed over me at that moment. I was literally shaking and in my mind decided to call the whole event off. I was that scared and was beginning to question if God even wanted me to go to Wislon, NC. I rationalized that I would have to call it off because it just was too daunting at that moment.

After a few minutes of praying, I began to feel more peaceful. So, I started to get ready and shortly after my oldest son came in my room. He had seen my light on and came to check on me before I left. I explained to him how I hadn’t slept and how I had panicked and he said, “Mom, you always do this. It will be fine. By Sunday you will come home and say that you were SO glad you went. You will see that God will work.”

And off we went…no turning back!

We ended up getting on our flight and arriving in NC quite early. I didn’t sleep on the plane however, so here I was with still no sleep. I figured I would check in early at the hotel, and at least get a nap in the afternoon.

Wrong again.

No room…no sleep.

We arrived at our hotel at 12:30 pm and they said we could not get into our room until 3pm. I felt tears well up in my eyes, as Jackie and I sat in the hotel lobby eating cheese and pepperoni from the gas station nearby. (Pretty glamorous huh?) We had nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep.

Jackie, who is always very wise, suggested we go to the rental car, lay back the seats, and try to get a rest. Well, for an hour and a half I lay in the sunshine in the car, comfy and warm, but still no sleeep. 

Finally…a Room

We finally got into our room and I prepared for the event. Eventually, we headed out to the event, still no sleep for over 36 hours.

I would have expected to feel exhausted, nauseasu, dizzy, foggy…but no. I had a ton of energy. It was so surreal. It can ONLY be explained as supernatural energy. God was showing me that HE supplies all we need.

As each woman arrived, my heart was in great peace. I was exactly where I was supposed to be. God had ordained each detail, and he had handpicked each woman to be there. For such a time as this.

But God…

The entire weekend was beyond my dreams. The women of the south are beyond a delight. They were so shocked that I came all the way from NJ to their little church in Wilson, NC! But God…

There were so many confirmations along the way that we were supposed to be there. I could never explain it all, but trust me…God showed up!

I spoke about Jesus. I spoke out simplifying. We worshiped. We prayed. We had fellowship. We laughed. We hugged. Some of us cried. Glory tears. It was spectacular.

Jackie delivered a fabulous message about Noah. The women were so blessed by her words. She is an amazing partner in that she handles the Word of God so intentionally, humbly, and wisely. She also is an amazing assistant to think of the details I forget, and literally be my brain for 48 hours. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

The lessons are many, but let me leave with you just two very important ones: 

First, when God is in it, you will complete it! If He calls you to a task, don’t even try to rely upon yourself (or sleep) but simply open your hands wide to His plans. (remember my prayers this year…PALMS UP!)

Second,  Sisters in Christ are beautiful. No matter where you are in your walk, where you live, what you do…when you are with other women who love Jesus, you are in a sweet place. Masks come off. Struggles are shared. Joys are celebrated. It is beautiful. Women seeking Jesus. Together. It is one of my greatest joys.

My blanket ladies- these adorable ladies and their blankets. So cute.


A dear friend from the past retreats, and now this event! What a connection!

New friends!

This dear one has made it to every retreat and even drove EIGHT hours to this event!

I left a piece of my heart in Wilson, NC this weekend. But my prayer is that piece of me gets shared through the love of God that I hope to share wherever I go.

Thank you to Forest Hills Presbyterian Church in Wilson, NC for opening up your home to us! If you are ever in that area, look them up! What a blessing everyone from the church was! We are so grateful!

If you would like to bring a Simply Living for Him Women’s Event to your group, please contact me at We will go wherever the Lord leads!