Trading in Pinterest-Perfect for Real Life: Seeking Jesus Above The World (Even When It’s Quite Noisy)

Seek Jesus

Last year I wrote a book called, Real Homeschool Letting Go of the Pinterest-Perfect and Instagram-Ideal Homeschool. It was all about seeking Jesus above the noise of the world in our homeschools, and not trying to attain what the world says is perfection, but what the Bible does.

Well, today I am talking about how those principles apply to all of us. Whether a homeschooler, new mom, grandma, or any other stage of life, we all need to be reminded that Jesus is the only perfect.

This world is noisy and is constantly telling us (and showing us online!) how we should be. Yet, those voices can quickly drown out what the Bible says. Life is short. We need to start using our brief  time here on earth for real living, and not false ideals.

Join me today and let me know what you think about trading in Pinterest-perfect for real life- a life in Christ.


Simply...Living For Him

Where is Our Excess?


I was reminded today of our excess in this country. Our excess of stuff. I was helping pack some items for a missions trip to Haiti and when I looked around the room at all of the stuff people have donated, it hit me: this is our excess. We can send this stuff because have just.so.much.

More than the excess of stuff, I thought about how amazing it would be if we had an excess of Jesus. If our homes were overflowing with Him as much as they were with material items.  If our lives were so filled up with Him, that we were overflowing with an excess amount of Jesus to give to others.  Like we were giving to Haiti.

An excess of Jesus.



I want that.

I want to have so much of Him in my life that He spills out into all I do-that I can give and give and give because His supply never runs out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Yet, I am just like many. I have too much stuff that means nothing for eternity. Not enough of the stuff that matters.



I am asking the Lord to transform me from an excess of stuff to an excess of Him….




How about you? Do you have an excess of Him?


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Simply Living for Him

The Blessing is Not in Things


Sometimes we need to be reminded. Life isn’t for our comfort. The sole purpose of our life is not for God to make things easy for us, or comfortable, or even pleasant all the time.

The sole purpose of our life is to glorify God.

Even when things aren’t comfortable.

Especially when things aren’t comfortable.


I’ve been contemplating the term “blessings” lately. So many people equate blessings with stuff. Or with things feeling good and pleasurable. You know, the warm fuzzies. 

I sign my emails, “blessings and joy.” I say it when I end my podcasts. Yet, what do I mean by that? Do I mean God is going to answer your prayers and rain down “stuff “on you? Or He is going to give you an easy life? Do I equate blessings only with pleasures? Material items?

Actually no.


When I wish you blessings and joy I am hoping you have the ultimate blessing.


We say we want to be blessed and we wish blessings on others, but we are already blessed. We already have the only blessing there really is- knowing Jesus.

If our prayers don’t get answered our way, when we have nothing left in the bank account, when the doctor doesn’t give us the answer we were hoping for- we are still blessed if we have Jesus.

And in Jesus there is joy.

No matter what swirls around us.


My friend works with the people in Haiti and visits often. She often describes how much joy they have, yet in our earthly terms (or maybe American?) they have very little. Yet they worship, fully, and they live each moment in pure thanksgiving….because they have life in Jesus.

So may we not equate blessings with things. Sometimes I look around my home and our property and our life here at Love’s Farm and I declare how blessed we are. But may I never equate what He has given me with the blessing. May I equate Who He is with the blessing. And what He has done for me on the cross.

Because the truth is, if tomorrow He takes it all away from me, I am still blessed. And I can still have joy. 

I have Jesus.