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“This community has been so amazing during all of the stress over the last few months. I am thankful to have a place to land every day to help focus my eyes back on Jesus. I am jumping into the new study that started today and can’t wait to share among that group what the Lord is doing in all of us.”

~ community member

Previous studies have included:

  • Psalm 119
  • Simplify Your Life
  • Overcoming Worry
  • Sit at His Feet (Mary and Martha)
  • Journey to the Cross
  • Names of Jesus
  • Getting Started in the Bible
  • In the Beginning (Genesis 1-3)

Coming in January 2022: Those Who Came Before Us (Hebrews 11 Study)

You can do those studies at any time at your own pace and they are always free! There are weekly videos, worksheets, and discussion groups!

“This study has held my hand through the biggest trial of my life. Although I have not shared much, I have been so thankful for these verses, & the LIFE that God brings through His Word.”

“This study has also been an anchor for me during a trying time. There are so many thoughts floating around in my head, but I think the biggest change for me is I’ve started to truly realize God’s Word is the source of my strength.”


I created the Simply Living for Him Community as a place where women can come together to seek Jesus in a real, intimate, and purposeful way. For over a decade I have been writing and speaking about getting rid of distractions in our lives so that we can hear God’s voice above all. And now it was time for taking that a bit further!


We even have an APP!

It was during the quarantine time of 2020 that I really started to become passionate about women seeking Jesus above all. With all the noise going on, I came to realize that this world needs Jesus now more than ever. Changed souls will only change the world.

During this time I discovered the power of online connections and how I could use my little slice of the internet to create a safe place to come and learn about the Word of God. So, this community was born!

We are a thriving community of women seeking Jesus. No drama. No negativity. ALL Jesus! We are learning together and growing together. It has been AMAZING. I had no idea when we began with just an idea, that this community would grow into something so beautiful!

A few things you’ll see quickly that make Simply Living for Him Community different:

The Focus is Jesus. This community is not about me or my ministry, or even about you. The center will always be The Gospel. And then how do we fit into God’s great plan for this world? Our goals will always be to know Him and make Him known. To be a light in a dark world. To give hope to all those lost. And to grow in our own walk with the Lord, so that we can do all of the above.

We Keep it Simple. There is enough clutter in this world and the last thing I want to do is add to it. That is why it has always been my mission to keep things simple. Online Bible studies, groups for Scripture memorization and writing, as well as online connection with women, is my main goal. We will try to keep the bells and whistles to a minimum! My goal is to provide a place for you to grow in your walk with the Lord, but ultimately to then get off of the online world and out into the real world to practice all you have learned.

It’s FREE. It is always difficult to mix business and ministry. How can I charge for something that I believe women NEED? Yet, how can I still be able to run a ministry (there are lots of costs involved with keeping it running!) and also to be valued for my time? After much prayer, I decided to keep access to the community absolutely free. I want every woman to be able to join a Bible study, connect with others, and be encouraged. However, you will always have the opportunity to donate to Simply Living for Him (any amount that you want to give at any time is welcomed.) Also, by purchasing products we produce, and sharing content and the community with others, you can support me and I believe that God will provide. Simply Living for Him is an LLC and not a registered non-profit, so, unfortunately, donations are not tax-deductible. But be assured, all profits are put right back into the ministry and all of the areas that need to be funded to keep it going. Thank you for supporting SLFH!


Groups You Will Find Within the Community:

Scripture Writing- writing out Scripture monthly. Past months we have written out the entire book of Philippians and James together! Each month a new schedule comes out and we share what we are learning as we write our way through Scripture!

  • Scripture Memorization- Each month new passages are posted as we work at our own pace and memorize!
  • Bible Studies: You will have access to all past, present, and future studies. ALL FREE! Studies we have done so far include: Getting Started in the Bible, Overcoming Worry, and Simplify Your Life. We will study Psalm 119 this fall!
  • Prayer: A group to share praises and prayer
  • The Great Commission: A group to share ideas on sharing the Gospel in our homes, communities, and beyond!
  • Books and Resources: A group to share our favorites!
  • Daily Devotionals: Video devotionals every day!

Want to take a peek? I am sure you will love it! Come on in!


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