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Spring Cleaning Series

Preparing the Hobby Farm- Spring Cleaning Series

This week we began preparing for our planting season! Come and take a tour of what we are up to around here at Love’s Farm!

We will be sharing the progress on the large greenhouse Steve is building this week too. It’s looking great!

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Simply Living for Him, Spring Cleaning Series

Preparing the Hobby Farm for Spring

Spring Cleaning Hearts and Homes

This weekend we will finally be home and have some time to prepare the little hobby farm here for spring. It is my absolute favorite time of year!

The excitement of warm weather on the horizon, the birds have returned, flowers are beginning to bloom, trees are budding, frogs are croaking, and the feeling of LIFE is everywhere!

I posted this spring SYMPHONY on Instagram last night! It was heavenly at sunset! Click on the video to listen to nature’s music!


A spring symphony. 💛 #enjoythesimple #simplylivingforhim #lovesfarm #spring

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Easter is upon us, and rebirth is on my mind. Spring is such a beautiful time of year and everything about it points to our Savior. It is a time of rebirth and rejoicing! Spiritually, spring holds so many special qualities for me.

And then there are the practical things we must do to prepare for spring around here at Love’s Farm.

Steve and I plan on working this weekend to get the gardens ready for planting, get the animals comfortable again, and celebrate the newness of this magnificent time of year.

As we work to prepare the farm, I will also work to prepare my heart. There is so much there that often needs some deep cleaning as well. I am comparing it to the deep cleaning that is about to take place- it must be done so that life can burst forth!


If you have a little hobby farm like we do, or a yard and garden, here are some jobs that we are working on that may help you in planning your spring cleaning.

What would you add to the list?

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Podcast Ep 30 • From Suburbia to Hobby Farm

Hobby Farm

Many of you know that almost two years ago, we packed up a  26 ft. Uhaul and moved to the country. We didn’t grow up this way, and many may wonder how on earth we ended up here? Why did we trade in the sidewalks of suburbia for woods and a stream? Why did we choose to spend evenings chasing chickens instead of life in a neighborhood?

There are many reasons why we chose this life, but mainly because God gave us the desires of our hearts. We are now loving life out here, growing food along with a ministry, raising chicken, ducks, and guineas, and the serenity that comes from our little slice of hobby farm heaven.


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