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The Barrenness All Around Us

“It was not homesickness which weighed heavy on my heart, but the barrenness all around me, the empty shells of men, the pervasive feeling of despair that, like the stale air, fill the dust dim-lit dormitory.”

We are currently reading Charles Colson’s Born Again, and today this line has struck me to the core. Charles Colson served time in prison for Nixon’s Watergate scandal, but in the process became a born-again Chrisitan. This line described what it was like for him at night when he felt the loneliness and despair, not for himself, but of those men surrounding him in the prison. Because He knew Jesus, but those around him did not. The barrenness he felt was in their souls.

That line depicts life without Jesus. Whether in prison or in a kitchen surrounded by kids, without Jesus, there is barrenness.

So while the story of Colson’s transformation and life goes on to tell that of one with ministry in prison (and praise God for that!) it hit me that we can all relate to that notion of those around us and feeling their despair. We are surrounded by such barrenness daily when we live in a world where many do not know Christ.

It tugs at my soul. I do know what it is like to live in utter darkness. And I don’t want anyone else to experience that without knowing there is HOPE! And His name is Jesus.

So, we, as ordinary women living ordinary lives, have the opportunity daily to lift just one person out of that darkness by pointing them to Jesus. How will you do that today?

Here are some resources to equip and inspire you:

Mission-Minded Women

Living Waters Ministry

Simply Sharing Jesus (Billy Graham)

missional moms

Simply Go! is a new initiative of the Simply Living for Him ministry that focuses on missional living in the lives of everyday women. Based on Acts 4:13, which describes the disciples as ordinary men who had been changed by an extraordinary God, and those around them simply recognized that they had been with Jesus. As we begin to approach Spring, we have some ideas that we will move forward with for our Simply Go! initiative. We will share resources, new challenges, and encouraging blog articles about being missional in your everyday life. 

We want to encourage you that you can be missional right where you are–in your home, community, and everyday life. You simply need to reflect Jesus! So while Simply Living for Him provides resources to help you spend time with Jesus, Simply Go! is the next step in then shining that light!

This world is getting darker each day and it is our duty and privilege to shine the light of Christ! You will find challenges, ideas, encouragement, and resources in this section.

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