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How Great is Our God?

Lately, life has been turbulent. Circumstances are changing constantly. Big transitions are happening. And it’s hard to stay focused. It’s hard not to worry. It’s hard to hold on!

But God.

In our Simply Living for Him Online Women’s Community, we are studying the Creation account in Genesis and it has been just what I need to remain steadfast. Often we forget how GREAT and BIG and POWERFUL and MAJESTIC God is!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1

This one powerful verse has been on my mind constantly. I decided when I wake up in the morning to just repeat this over and over before I start praying (and asking God for all the things) and to just meditate on WHO He is! Who I am talking to. Because quite frankly, when I think about the God who created the heavens and the earth (seriously, look up just how BIG the universe is) how can I do anything but trust Him?

The universe is beyond our comprehension. Yet, He holds it in place. The Creation is intricate down to every detail and is created with such precision. How can I worry? When we get to know WHO GOD IS, it changes everything!

God is beyond my comprehension. That is the God I worship and praise. That is the God I serve! So, today, I encourage you, focus on who He is! It changes what you think about yourself and about your circumstances. It changes everything.

To join our Genesis study, join the SLFH Online Community- it is always FREE! We provide studies, resources, and encouragement for you as you seek the Lord and walk with Him!

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