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Into the Unknown…

It’s August. As I laid in bed staring out the window this morning, I could see the difference already in the air. There is a different glow. The sun angle is changing. The landscape is ever-so-slightly transforming. The sounds are different. Change is on the horizon.

Over the years I have written many posts during this time of year– usually lamenting that summer is winding down and a new school year is on the horizon. And feeling those emotions of how fast it goes.

Well this summer, it’s like August 2.0. Change of seasons on steroids. I don’t think I could ever have dreamed back in those years when I was sad that lightning bugs and popsicle season were over, that I could be in such a time like this-when beyond the calendar seasons changing, our lives are changing.

As I type, I am weeks away from launching my second-born. My oldest son. In many ways, I have been here before, just two short years ago when we launched our precious daughter. But as you mamas know, each child has a unique place, and while some of the emotions are familiar some are not. The dynamics are always shifting.

Then, at the same time, I am getting ready this fall to have a married daughter. The emotions about that are not ready for this blog post just yet. They are GOOD emotions- I promise, but emotions that are all jumbled up at the moment, to say the least. It is SO very exciting to see God’s hand in your child’s life, but of course, there is a huge change in life.

In the last few months, we have had a death in the family, a huge shift in the family dynamic right there, we have had multiple health scares (at the moment I have a son quarantined and one child recovered from the virus), other family has health issues with children or themselves- I have battled anxiety once again that I thought was extinguished in my life. I have dealt with just so many things.

So yes, this August is not just a time of summer ending and school beginning…it is a time of huge shifts in life. A time of huge unknowns. A time of some fears being faced. A time of just so much.

I truly do not know how people live without God. I can hardly keep my head above water most days, and I have Him. In fact, the only way to keep my head above water is with Him. Just like Peter walking on water (by the power of Jesus) and then sinking when he took his eyes off of Jesus, I am so there. But then Jesus comes in and pulls him out of the water, and daily He does the same for me. Aren’t you so glad He never leaves us in the water?

But this I do know- as seasons change and as God shifts my perspective- as I see more clearly what TRULY matters in life, my eyes are focused more on the Kingdom than on this earth. What am I doing for Him? I have spent too much time focused on what I want and not what HE wants for me. My life is about Him. As I move forward into the unknown, I have something that IS known and is really the only important thing to know- Jesus.

I want to use my days, whether I have one left or thousands, to share the Gospel. To live a life that reflects the Gospel. To know Him more and make Him known. All the other things that we worry about or focus on taking away from that purpose. The enemy is so good at distracting us. But God IS victorious!

I praise God that He rescued me from a pit twenty-something years ago. And it’s time to commit to making every last breath of my life a breath of praise and thanksgiving for knowing that truth.

I am sure you will be hearing lots more about all of these changes coming in our life. I share some of the personal sides of things with you because I want you to know, you are not alone. We all struggle. And I want to give God glory for all He does in it!

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