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No One Knew…

I scroll through the photos. People gathered. Smiling. Hanging out. I see videos of TV shows recorded just a few weeks back. Live audiences. Guests. Laughing.

No one knew.

I read my writings from a few months back. The things I wrote. The prayers I prayed. Some of it seems so insignificant now.

I didn’t know.

This past week has changed our world so quickly. It only compares to 9/11 when the world changed in the blink of an eye. But even then, our entire daily lives were not changed in this way. There were tragedy and uncertainty. But this seems even bigger.

We are apart. I haven’t seen my family (besides my immediate family here) and don’t know when I will. I haven’t been to church. I haven’t looked into a friend’s eyes or hugged them. My last social outing was Dollar General, just a week ago. I actually talked about how kind everyone was as we were just starting to stock up (which at the time seemed like a probable overreaction- we were wrong.)

We didn’t know.

It’s weird to look back and think how ignorant we were to all that was to come. We had no idea. I mean, how could we? Who would ever expect this?

Yet, God knew. He has known. Since time began. He has known about every plague that has ever happened. And He knew this one was coming. And He knows what will come. It stops me in my tracks and I am once again reminded that no matter how much we humans think we know, we really don’t.

God has every detail of every life that has ever lived, is living now, and ever will live already memorized. He knows the little intricacies as well as the events of such magnitude of COVID-19. It is truly amazing and unfathomable.

And when I just think I can’t wrap my brain around all that He knows, it then brings me comfort. 

He knows.

As I try and hang onto every thread of information I can find to get a handle on what is to come, I remember, He always knew. And He knows now. And I comforted.

Because He is a good God. He is a loving God. And He has offered salvation to all those who believe. When I surrendered my life to Christ, I was already healed of any plague to come, of any hardship, or any disaster. Because nothing can destroy my eternity with Him.

We lose our house? I have a home in heaven.

We lose our comforts? My home is in heaven.

I lose my life? My home is in heaven.

We are all just passing through this life and onto a greater eternity someday. And I truly believe when we get there someday, we will wonder why we ever held so tightly to this life. Because eternity…in glory with the Lord…is going to be so filled with a joy we can’t even comprehend right now.

And that is all I need to know.

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    Thanks for the reminder… Have a joyful day!

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