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Living Simply in an Internet World

Living simply. The topic evokes pictures of rolling fields, a small cabin in the wilderness, and only the essentials. Or perhaps it evokes a tiny apartment with minimal stuff. For many, they are even confused as to what it means to live simply.

Believe it or not, we overcomplicate the very topic itself!

I wanted to share with you my heart today about what it means for me to live simply- keywords- for me. It may be different for you. 😉  But thats what makes the world go ’round. We are all different.

For me living simply means focusing on things that matter most. For me it means loving Jesus above everything else in this world. It means I strive for a life that is dependent on Him and not the creature comforts of this world. And, admittedly, I am a work in progress.

It doesn’t mean I have no stuff. It doesn’t mean I live as a minimalist or with no extras. It doesn’t mean I have no modern conveniences.

But truly at the center of it all- is Jesus. I ultimately want less of this world and more of Him.

Yet, there is that fact until He calls me home, I am still in this world. So how do we work through living in it, even enjoying some of the things in this world, but not getting caught up in living of it? We need to keep Him at the forefront of our minds so that every single thing we do and decision we make, comes from a life lived with Him as our center.

One area that seems to be a struggle for many is the Internet. I recently remarked in a post how I want to get “back to simple.” So many of you agreed with me, yet there are always those who find something within others words to focus on and pick apart. Someone wrote to me wanting to know how I work on the Internet and write about living simply if I am participating in it- the Internet that is. Valid question. Yet, I really don’t see the connection. 

Of course, I see the problems with the Internet and have written about not living for the expectations of this world or the things we see on Pinterest- not getting caught up in all that, but I never would go as far as to say we can’t use it at all. In fact, the Internet has been integral for my ministry. I don’t believe I could reach tens of thousands of people per week otherwise. God has given me a tool and I intend to use it for good.

May we not worship the idol of living simply. May we worship Him alone.

I choose to live simply and if others are looking to do the same, I want to link arms with them. I wouldn’t have been able to connect with people in Nairobi, Japan, Brazil, and all over the country and more at this moment without this tool and resource I have at this very time in history that I have been born into. And my sole purpose is to point others to Jesus. The mere fact that I can do that all over the world blows my mind.

I believe if we are good stewards of the resources God gave us, we can live simply. And that includes the Internet. I am not putting demands on others to live as I live, or saying there is a black and white when it comes to living simply.

At the end of the day, your Internet usage or whatever else is between you and the Lord. Use it how you can best honor the Lord. And if at any time you feel it is a hinderance, then it may be time to set limits or even take a break. It is always a matter of the heart and our mindset.

Yes, follow Him above all. Follow His leading.

Live your life for God. Live a life for others. It really is as simple as that.

Now, since we are talking about the Internet, I want to let you know I beginning a NEW series for May!

Spring is fully springing and the excitement of summer is on the horizon. I absolutely love this time of year- new life is blooming all around! 🌷

Join me as I encourage you to set no words before your eyes in the morning before you have read His Word.

Many of you know my passion for getting women in the Word because it has transformed my life.
This series will encourage you to spend time with Him first before checking the phone, email, texts— or even before your own thoughts start to clog up your mind!
Start the day meditating on the most beautiful words there are- His Word!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sign up for anything, join a group, or even commit to me. This is between you and the Lord! I’m just here to encourage you to seek Him first! Be on the lookout for my posts and live videos!


Need some further encouragement? Join us this summer! Space is limited!


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