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My Quest for Simplicity…Torn Between Two Worlds…

We have a bathroom that needs remodeling.  Not just aesthetically, but it is in serious need of repair.  We’ve put this project off for awhile, but this summer realized we need to do it.  We need to be good stewards of the things God has provided for us.  One of those things being our home.

Yet here is where my inner turmoil begins.  And I say inner turmoil, because that is really what it is.  I spend way too much time mulling over these things, and analyzing them.

You see, I tend to weigh everything on an eternal scale.  I am constantly evaluating my heart. Constantly thinking, “Does this really matter? Is it just material, temporal, stuff?”  Sometimes, I just need to stop that.

With this bathroom, there is of course, the need to now purchase new items for the bathroom. Most are necessities, such as a tub, toilet, sink, etc.  Then comes the extras-the decor. “The fluff.”

I worry that there are people around the world with no running water, walking four hours a day to get water, 
and here I am considering colors to paint the walls.  
Or mulling over the pattern of the shower curtain.

It makes me feel so torn. Not only is picking out “things’ for this bathroom causing me to focus on material fluff, but the TIME it takes to go to the hardware store, stare at tubs, tiles, etc. is great.  Even more so, the time it is going to take to actually do the remodel is many hours.


And here is where I am constantly in turmoil.  Living in the world, not of it.  

Focusing on the eternal, yet I am in the temporal.

Recently I read a devotion that so hit the nail on the head about this.  We live on the earth now, God placed us HERE.  And guess what? “None of it is eternal!”  NONE OF IT.  So while we don’t want to get caught up in worldly things, we are still placed here.
And what matters so much more than all of the stuff is our character.

Our attitude.

Our hearts.

God knows my heart. HE knows that I am torn over spending too much time, effort, and energy on “stuff.”  Yet he has provided me with “stuff.”  It is my attitude in how I handle all of this that matters most.  It’s a balance. Not letting “stuff” become an idol or become too consuming of my time.

I can enjoy my home, and of course make it aesthetically pleasing for my family and all those who enter.  But it doesn’t mean I have elevated the value of “stuff.” I don’t feel I am a better person, etc. for having nice things.  In my heart, I know what is important. Living for God and glorifying him.

Glorifying him.
In ALL- even the temporal!

When Jesus lived, He was a carpenter! He made “things” for people.  And I am sure he didn’t just say, “I will make this as simple as possible because it doesn’t really last for eternity.” NO. 
I am betting He worked hard, worked diligently, 
and made beautiful pieces for people to enjoy!

And that goes back to attitude.  How I behave stemming from my heart attitude.

That is what matters most.

So I can enjoy the things I have, and even delight in picking out a shower curtain.  But always knowing that the glory goes to Him in all.

Yes, in ALL.

And while sometimes I feel the pull to just “give up all possessions and follow HIM,” right now, this is where I am.
Until He calls me further…

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