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Drowning or Walking on Water?

This is a completely real and vulnerable post. One I would rather not write, but yet feel compelled. And when God says to do it, I will do it. 😉

As you all know, I have talked before about my past struggles with anxiety. I have made progress by leaps and bounds in this area, but this past month I realized I have some more work to do.

I should clarify that my anxiety is not clinically diagnosed or the type that is a medical condition, which is a very serious issue. I should clarify that mine is more a consuming (and sinful) worry. It is basically concern gone awry. I actually just watched this sermon, and it described me to a tee.

I have two main areas of worry and they tend to be finances and health. Now, these are valid concerns and most certainly deserve attention when situations arise. The problem that I have, is that the valid concern turns into a consuming worry. It is healthy to have a concern about these areas, take action, and handle it. That is not the case with me.

I have been brought mt my knees these past few weeks as this consuming worry reared its ugly head once again in my life. It began with the illness that has been plaguing our home since the first week of October. Again, a valid concern. Yet, with each new symptom or child sick, I found myself unable to cope as I was consumed with worry.

One night I was literally sobbing in my room curled up in bed and said to Steve, “I feel like I am drowning.”
That is the most perfect description I could give.


This morning, I was spending time with the Lord, it came to me as clear as day.

I have always loved the story of Peter walking on water. (Matthew 14:22-33) I love the picture of him walking on water because it was only by the Lord’s will and His strength alone that he could do it. Yet, when Peter takes his eyes off of Jesus and puts them on the wind and the storm around him, he sinks.

He is drowning.

Oh, how that is a picture of me. When I look at the circumstances, whatever they are, and focus on them, I feel like I am drowning. Yet, when I focus on Jesus, I can do the unthinkable. For me, that is not to worry. Because my default is to worry. In my flesh. But when I walk in the spirit, I can walk on water, even while the storm swirls around me! So while I can recognize the storm and know that it is there, I can walk on water through it! I don’t have to drown. Worry doesn’t control me. Regardless of the circumstances, God is in control.

You see, I like God being in control but I also like the circumstances to be ideal. And the truth is, any circumstance He puts me in, He is there. Sure, they don’t always feel good. Sure they can be devastating. But God is God. Through it all.

It takes a supernatural power not to drown in the storm.

I can’t imagine going through life and not knowing Jesus. And not knowing there is so much more to this life than what we see. There is so much more than our circumstances. And no matter what, if we have God, we have it all. Without Jesus, I would have surely drowned by now.

Oh, the freedom in knowing that my circumstances don’t define me.

It doesn’t mean we don’t get upset if things are falling apart. We are human. We have emotions. But we don’t let our emotions and ourselves get in the way of what God is doing.

We sometimes go through big storms. But when we focus on Jesus and His power, we can truly get through anything. The Bible says we WILL have trouble in this world, but take heart…HE HAS OVERCOME THIS WORLD!

I need to surround myself with these truths moment by moment. It is far too easy for me to drown. 

How about you? How do you handle the worries of this world? Join me, as I seek Jesus first in all things. It is the only way to live.

Join Me in North Carolina this January! All women are welcome!

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Simply...Living For Him

A Simply Living for Him Women’s Gathering…Coming to NC!

Join me in North Carolina!

As many of you know, we began the Simply Living for Him Retreat three years ago and it blessed many, many ladies. Myself included at the top of the list! Now, we are pleased to bring an event to Wilson, North Carolina this January.

I believe in these women’s events wholeheartedly because I believe women need to be equipped with the Word of God to face this ever-changing and chaotic world. The remedy for the clutter and chaos in our lives is Jesus!

I would love for you to join me this January as we seek Jesus above the noise of this world!

What is a SLFH Gathering?

Join Karen DeBeus, author and speaker, from Simply Living for Him for a women’s event that will focus on getting rid of distractions in this noisy world and bringing our focus back to Jesus. In a culture that seems cluttered and chaotic, Karen will share what the remedy for clutter and chaos is for all of us- Jesus. The more we desire Him, the less we will naturally desire the things of this world and the easier it will be to live simply.

Karen will be giving sessions that will focus on getting rid of physical and mental clutter, but most importantly how to discern Truth in a world that is not defined by absolutes. Her goal is to point women to Jesus so they can leave feeling renewed and refocused. The gathering will be a special time for women to come together away from the noise of this world to seek Jesus.

Karen will share her passion for women being in the Word and encourage all women to get to know God by spending more time in the Bible. Her love for His Word will be evident.

Karen speaks in a real and authentic way, sharing truth in a down-to-earth manner. This is not a typical “fluffy” women’s retreat where we puff ourselves up, but a time to gather and exalt His name. We feel when women seek Jesus alone, they will find their identity and worth comes from Him alone, and not externals.

What women have said about previous events:

“Karen DeBeus is a powerfully anointed speaker, who shows us, Jesus. Her messages are encouraging, challenging and accompanied with truth and love.”

“As an attendee, it was an encouraging balm and at the same time an iron sharpening to my soul. I was so thankful for Karen’s complete openness and her deep desire to see Women focusing on, serving, and walking with God alone. I was so encouraged in my walk with Christ, and I am praying that I get the opportunity to attend again! Such A Blessing!!!”

REGISTER NOW! Tickets are JUST $25!

Simply Living for Him Gathering

Gather. Refocus. Renew. Simplify.

Forest Hills

Evangelical Presbyterian Church

1100 Forest Hills Rd

Wilson, NC 27896

January 11-12, 2019

(Friday evening-Saturday afternoon)


Simply...Living For Him

Dairy Goats and Slowing Down

They’re here! Meet Thelma and Louise!

Last time I wrote on the blog, we had just had them delivered. Well, here they are and we are enjoying them so much.

I recorded a podcast last night about enjoying this slower simple pace. It will be live tomorrow. Be sure to look for it! Do you have to live on a farm to enjoy a slower and simple life…absolutely NOT. You can live more intentionally and without being involved in the rat race wherever God has placed you. It is all about taking time to live the life He has created you for.

I really love this life. I have said over and over this week how much I love living here. But really, milking the goats in the morning as a family gives me such joy. I love that we are learning together and working together. And my son is over the moon to finally have his dream come true!

  Remove featured image

Steve and the boys worked together to transform our barn, and Grace even helped decorate! You can see a little tour of the barn in this live Facebook video:

Take a Tour of the Barn:

I promise this page won’t change to thousands of goat posts, even though my Instagram has been full of goat pics! But, we have just been so excited about this new endeavor! 🙂

How are you intentionally slowing down? I’d love to hear in the comments! And be sure to tune in to the podcast tomorrow for my thoughts!


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