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Leaving the Garage: This World is Not All There Is

So, most of you know (sorry for all of the pictures lately, I can’t help myself! 😉 ) that we got ducks. Two little ducklings that are just adorable.  Since bringing them home they have lived in the garage since it is not safe outdoors just yet for them, and of course, it was a bit too cold. So their existence has been a large plastic tub in the garage, under the glow of a red heat lamp.

However, as the beautiful Spring weather starts to slowly meander in (can I get a Hallelujah!) we finally brought the ducks outdoors for the first time.  It really was adorable to see them put their feet in the grass for the first time and run all over the place–not really sure if they were excited, scared, or most likely, they were a little of both!  

They stick together like glue and it is just amazing to watch. 
They remind me of synchronized swimmers (though not quite as graceful, but oh, so cute!) They run together, sit together, and pretty much go whatever direction the other is going.

After having them out for a bit and just being entertained by their cuteness, they finally settled down into the grass and just basked in the sun. As they lay there together, one sort of tilted its head up toward the sky almost as if to see the sun and marvel at it.

I jokingly said to my kids, “Oh look! He (or she…we don’t know yet!) is discovering the sun!”

As soon as I said it, I realized what an amazing thing it really was, and just how much we could learn from that one moment.

You see up until that point those ducks had known no other world except a confined plastic tub in a garage with a red light shining down on them. Only once we brought them outside did they discover there is really an entirely different (and so much more beautiful) world out there! Up until then, they had no idea what existed beyond that garage.

And you know what? That is what it is like for us here on earth. There is a whole new world waiting for us someday that is heaven. We live on this earth thinking this is it, and we are content with that, and even really enjoying it enough that we are afraid of leaving it.

But imagine those ducks had neve left the garage? Sure, they were content in there because it was all they knew! They had no idea about grass, and bugs, and sunshine and flowers…they were content in their little plastic tub.

Are we content in the garage?

We need to have no fear about leaving this earth some day because God has a place prepared for us that is beyond our imagination…it is far more beautiful than anything we have here. And if we never left this earth, just like those ducks left the garage…we would never know about it. Death doesn’t have to be scary when we know that there are far better things ahead.

I am so grateful that God reveals truths to me through little things such as ducks. I thanked Him for that realization as I sat there watching those little ones so excited about their new world. I thanked Him that I will one day experience a world far beyond this one and that there is no fear anymore in that knowledge.

I am content with my earthly life, but I know without a doubt that heaven’s glory is nothing compared to this garage of an earth we live in. 

PS…We had one of our sweet little chickens die this week. She succumbed to a prolapse that could neither be prevented nor repaired. It was a hard little lesson for kids..some were more affected than others.  Yet, that is all part of life lessons. Painful, but necessary and unavoidable.


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