Our New Additions at Love’s Farm and Exciting News!

My husband and kids went to Tractor Supply on Saturday morning. The plan was to buy some bolts and some other odds and ends….just a few things.


Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call. The kids were asking if we could get ducks. I heard all about how adorable they were and after all, we already have chickens and we wouldn’t need anything. And you know, we NEED them.

I knew just how cute they were because when I was in Tractor Supply just a few weeks ago I marvelled at those fuzzy little balls with the big bills and webbed feet. They were truly adorable.

So I told my husband on the phone, “You decide. I am not making the decision. I will leave it up to you.”

And as I hung up the phone, I said to myself, “We’re getting ducks.” I knew exactly what he would decide.

So now Love’s Farm has two ducks. I am excited to see how they will develop and to add more learning to our day. The chickens have really been a learning experience and we have enjoyed the whole experience.

We also have an announcement about our little farm! You can read all about it at Loves.Farm. Click on the About section to read what we will be doing this summer, Lord willing!

I really have to pinch myself sometimes. It is truly all that we have ever wanted and more out here. Simple pleasures. Nature. Outdoors. The simple life is a dream come true.

Some snapshots of our week via Instagram:

simplylivingforhimGo to @tractorsupplythey said. Just for a few things, they said. 😂😂 #ducks #LovesFarm 

I have some new students for read alouds today. 😂🐓#chickens #LovesFarm#simplyhomeschool #realLifelearning

simplylivingforhimWe’ve had a huge pile of frogs eggs we are keeping an eye on in the stream. Today, many have hatched into tadpoles. Big brother teaching his little brother about them. #LovesFarm#naturestudy #simplyhomeschool#simplejoys

Join Me This Summer- The Simply Living for Him Retreat! 

At the Beautiful Lodges at Gettysburg, Gettysburg, PA.

Grab my books!


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