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Life Changes and Farm Changes

The last month or so…maybe even more…has been quite different than what I had expected. We finished up many months of travel and I was ready to rest. Yet, here I am still feeling very busy! That’s life, I suppose…

I spent a few of those weeks in quite a funk…you know the emotional kind where nothing feels right. It has driven me though, to my Savior’s arms. I am spending time with Him and continue to seek Him in all things.

So many changes this year. We have a senior in high school (which is quite unreal considering our very rocky start to homeschooling 13 years ago!) And with that year, comes so much unknown space. Like…what will she do with her life after homeschool? And college applications. And essays. And lots of prayer.

I have no doubt much of my emotionalness has come from the undercurrent of life changes. Even though they are GOOD life changes, and I am NOT  lamenting the past (which is easy to do when your baby grows up), there is just this underlying unsettledness.

One thing I have noticed lately that has really given me peace is I have rekindled my love for homemaking. I feel like in the busyness of life the past several months, I was too eager to do jobs just to get them done and was beginning to resent them. Like they were getting in the way of other tasks I needed to do. However, lately, I have a renewed sense of serving my family. I enjoy baking them bread. I enjoy making them pies. I put effort into a wholesome dinner instead of a quick fix.

Even with chores. I have found myself standing at the sink filled with dishes and just doing it as an act of service, spending the time there praying, and remembering that I am blessed to have a family to serve. God has created me for a purpose and it isn’t to serve myself.

It truly has brought more peace in my life as I remember why we moved here in the first place. The slower pace, surrounded by nature, and a chance to take it slow while growing our food, raising the chickens, and working hard together as a family.

Well, onto more changes here at the farm…and speaking of working hard….WE HAVE GOATS!

For those who follow along on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve been watching this journey progress. I posted this over the weekend:

At least a year ago Ethan started asking for goats. We told him the time wasn’t right, but if in due time he could learn about them, we would think about it. Winter passed, spring passed, and even summer. He never lost interest. In fact, he spent the summer researching goats and keeping a detailed notebook of all he learned. He pored over his books about goats. He joined the 4H and his love for animals and farming keeps growing. His 10th bday is approaching and all he wanted was goats. Last week, I found this woman that was local selling her two dairy goats named Thelma and Louise.😂 We inquired and she spent the past few days allowing Ethan to come each morning to milk the goats while she explained all about them. They give a gallon of milk per day.
Today, all his persistence has finally paid off. Ethan became the owner of Thelma and Louise. They will be delivered on Monday. Steve and the boys have prepared the barn and transformed part of it to a beautiful stall and milking area. Grace made the handpainted sign that will hang by their stall. In a day and age where kids get a bad rap for being on screens or not working hard, I’m proud of this boy for his dream to be a farmer. He told me today- “No farmers, no food!” He’s right. There’s always a need for farmers!
P.s. I’ll post pics of Thelma and Louise when they arrive on Monday!

Well, today Thelma and Louise arrived!

What a happy day! Ethan waited patiently and today was finally blessed to receive these goats. His research paid off and we look forward to watching him care for Thelma and Louise! His love for animals and farming just grows each day.

If you’re not following along on Instagram and Facebook, now might be a good time to start! I am sure I will be posting lots of snippets about this new journey with our dairy goats! We are truly living the dream here! We feel so blessed to raise our children here, to show them things that are deeper than just superficial and material, and to let them see their Creator through so many experiences with nature. It is just what we always dreamed of.

Welcome to the family Thelma and Louise. We are thrilled you are here and are excited for this adventure. I am going to try my hand at goat milk soap making…so stay tuned for that too 😉


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  • Reply Kristan October 12, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder of serving our family. It has been so very easy to fall into the trap of feeling I needed to rush through one task and ungratefully move onto another. I truly appreciate this gentle reminder of what a blessing it is to have a family to serve and to complete each treasured task while praying and praising Him!

    • Reply Karen DeBeus October 12, 2018 at 6:26 pm

      You are so welcome! I am glad you were encouraged!

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