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We Aren’t Meant to Be Alone

Most evenings after the dinner dishes are away, the homeschool books are closed, and the sun has set on another day, you will find me in my room. Alone. I usually have Little House on the Prairie going on in the background. I go through phases of what I watch- for a while it was every moon landing documentary I could find, then it was Michael Jackson documentaries (a little-known fact about me-I was a bit obsessed for a while!) I usually curl up with my planner and notebooks. Sometimes I just sit in the quiet and read my Bible, do my Bible writing for the day (from our Simply Living for HIm Online Community schedule), and sometimes I prepare for Bible study in the community. The point is, I am alone. It is by my very nature that I need this time to recharge.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my family. We spend SO much time together all day and I am not trying to escape. (admittedly in the early years of mothering there was a need to escape! ha!) I really enjoy spending time with them. There is just part of me that needs to spend time by myself at the end of the day.

During the pandemic though, I have seen how very easy it could be for someone like me who craves alone time, to get stuck there. Because there is a big difference between recharging alone and then isolating.

Recharging has limits. Isolating can last too long. Recharging helps us regain focus, hear God’s voice, and settle our souls. Isolating begins to focus inward. Instead of hearing God’s voice, we may start listening to our own too much. We may even start worrying and fretting.

We are meant to live in relationship. In community. And in real life. Now I know that isn’t possible these days as much, but we must do whatever we can to connect with others as much as possible. We are meant to mentor and to be mentored. To walk with others. To experience life so we can serve others and love others well. We can’t do that when we don’t reach out.

Jesus is seen in the Bible going off to be alone at times because there is a definite place for solitude in our lives. He often did it for the reasons we do: to recharge, to prepare, to pray. But He never stays there.

Jesus didn’t isolate. He was in the community. He was serving. He was connecting. And so should we.

I realize this time may be very difficult. People are experiencing divisions like never before, but Christians aren’t meant to divide but multiply. We must fight the urge to keep to ourselves. And, instead, give of ourselves. In the end, we will receive just as much.

So many times I am in my own little bubble, but when I get with others again, I am reminded just how much I need them. I am recharged in a way that is different than when I am alone. I am reminded that God created us to be in community.

I sat for awhile watching my ducks this week. They do everything together. One doesn’t move without the other following. They walk in sync, swim in sync, and play in sync. I pondered the simple lesson from those ducks. Life is meant to be lived together.

Here are some practical and simple ways to connect with others during this time:

Call a friend. Not a text. Not an email. Hear their voice. Listen well.

Reach out if you feel like you are starting to withdraw. Go against the urge. If you’ve been alone too long, it is necessary to find a way to connect again.

•Invite a friend over for coffee. If you aren’t comfortable yet because of the pandemic, be creative. Head to the drive-through and then park next to each other. Roll down the window and just talk. Eye contact and smiles and voices can still happen even 6 feet apart.

•Schedule a zoom call. I know many of us are “zoomed” out, but if need be and you can’t get together in person, just get a bunch together for a zoom prayer time or chat. It may be the boost you need to keep from being too withdrawn.

Focus on others. Being alone causes us to focus on ourselves by default. Think of creative ways to bless others during this difficult time. Drop a note on someone’s porch with a treat basket. Bake cookies for a friend and deliver them. You can visit outside if you aren’t comfortable. Know someone struggling? Drop a gift card at their door. Host a backyard get together. The possibilities are endless. Have any good ideas? Drop them in the comments below.

Finally, if you want to be encouraged and meet some amazing women, join me in our Simply Living for Him Online Community. We are a group of 1,100 women seeking Jesus together! Monthly Bible studies, groups for various ways to grow your relationship with the Lord, and more…It’s completely FREE!

Join us here:

Whatever you choose, just remember, take time to be alone. That is necessary. But it is also necessary not to stay there. God bless you all!

Blessings and Joy in Jesus,


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