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I made it out of the house today and went somewhere other than the doctor or Shop Rite.  After having sick kids for a week and half, it felt so good to get out!

Where did I go?

Bible study.
 Was it wonderful!

We all needed to get out, the kids had been cooped up for too long.  They got to go play with friends, and I got some alone time with my sisters in Christ.

It was one of those times when you just feel God smiling at you saying, “Yup I’m here.”  It was one of those times where you just feel such joy in serving Him.

You see, last night I was reading 1Thessalonians before bed.  I don’t know why I decided to read there, but I did.  I went through the whole book, and had some questions in my head about it.

Then, I get to Bible study today and what is my group studying?
1 Thessalonians!

Now, I had no idea about this, because I hadn’t been there in a very long time between homeschooling, sickness, etc.

It was just so funny to me as my group leader started to explain some things about  1 Thessalonians, that were the answers to the exact questions I had in my head last night!

We serve an awesome God.  A very real, ever present, all knowing, Holy God.  Yet He chooses to reveal himself in ways that sometimes just make us smile…

and chuckle.

It was one of those moments when I am in awe that He is so powerful, so mighty, yet He takes the time in every single second of my day to be present, if I am just aware of it!

When you are in a relationship with Him, you start seeing Him in more and more things.  You see Him in nature (oh, the beauty of a sunrise!), you see Him in your children, you see Him in big things, small things, and everything in between.

We were talking today  about how His words have power.  How we can get so bogged down with the exact translation, the exact wording of things, yet you know what…HIS WORDS have more POWER than being just WORDS.  He can speak through us very powerfully through so many things.  

And today, He did just that.  By reminding me of His power, and His might. In everything.
And today  He was revealing just how real He is.
How Holy, how Mighty, and how REAL.

1 Thessalonians 1:5
“for our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction”

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