A Different Kind of Day…

Today was a good day.  A different kind of day, but a good day nonetheless.

Actually, it has been a different kind of week.  Most of my kids have been sick, making things somewhat harder and somewhat easier.

We have been home.

That was a good thing at first.  “Ahhh…,” I thought.   “I have so much time to work on all the things I never have time to work on.”

After three days… I was done working on things 😉

So here we are, now on week 2 of being sick, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We should be back to normal by mid week.

Then life will get crazy again.  I am having a group of ladies over Thursday to have a sort of “Simplifying Support group,” so to speak.  I was approached by a friend from church who likes my blog, and asked if I would host such a group.  So we are giving it go.  It will be great practice for me to share my ideas before my first speaking presentation next month at Heart of the Matter Online’s Homeschool Conference.  I am super excited!

Ok, back today…

So the doctor told my daughter she gets a few days home from school.  How does that translate to  a homeschooled child?  I told her she doesn’t get off because she is home anyway!  I got a look of sad eyes.

So we compromised.

Today is Martin Luther King Day, and we normally do some fun stuff in our homeschool on that day anyway.  So that’s what we did!  Some fun stuff!

First we had our Bible and devotional time.  We read from Romans 3 and discussed verse 23, “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  We talked about how no one, not one of us, is righteous and not one of us is without sin.  Therefore, we have no right to judge others or think ourselves better than others.  This was a great lead in conversation for Martin Luther King.

We talked about his life.  We talked about segregation.  We talked about his death.

John asked, “Is he in heaven? Because I can’t wait to meet him.”

We sang,  “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”  Then we made paper chains of different colors and wrote ways to be kind to ALL people on them and hung them up.

One of the chains

The completed chains.  We put all 3 together to make one big one and hung it on the door.

We made paper people and John had the great idea to make an earth with the children all around.

John’s beautiful earth with people all around it

We watched the famous “I Have a Dream” speech and, as happens every year, I had chills and tears.

The view from my lap as Ethan looked on and watched the “I Have a Dream” speech

After our Martin Luther King activities, we wrapped up our Digestive System studies in Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology.

What fun we had!

The kid’s assignment was to desgin an amusement park with the theme “Digestive Sytem.” They had  a blast designing rides, games, snack bars, shows, etc. all based on the digestive system.

There was the small intestine roller coaster, the rock wall made of teeth, and the esophagus log flume, among many, many other creative designs!

We had absolutely the best time with this!  And I can tell the kids have really learned the information based on the design of their projects. SO fun!

So what isn’t always a “normal” day, can sometimes turn into great memories and great fun!

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