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Family Devotions and Worship

For the past several weeks we have been making Bible time before school a priority.  I can’t tell  enough you what a difference it has made in our school day.

As I wrote about when we first started this, it has become our “new norm.” 

It shows that putting God first in our day, is what we need to get through.

Whether I wake up grouchy, tired from being up half the night with a toddler, or just feeling blah…there is no way I can not be in a good mood after spending a little time in the Word with my kids, and worshipping God.

Our devotions are simple.  I usually pick a verse based on something going on in our family, or sometimes  I just randomly pick something.  We read it out loud, discuss it, and then pray.  Afterwards we sing some worship songs.  Usually we sing a few “kid” songs (“This Little Light of Mine, B-I-B-L-E, etc.)  We are teaching Ethan all of them, and it is fun to see him learning them.  Then we usually go on YouTube and find some worship songs, or hymns.  I like going on there because we can get the words on the screen to follow along.

Looking over at my kids singing to the Lord, sometimes really belting it out, or hands raised up is all I need to start my day.  It helps us focus on God.  It helps us put Him first in our day.  

This devotion time has become a non negotiable thing for me.  If we are running late, or having a rough morning, I still make sure we do it.  It just is the way we need to start our day.

I can’t say enough about how important this time is to me.  I love it.  I cherish it, and I know someday I will look back on it and be glad we had these fun mornings together.  I also think it sends the message to the kids that our family needs to start our day with God.  We need to come to Him, praise Him, hear His Word, and then in prayer we can also lay our needs at His feet.

We need to fill our minds with scripture in order to live it out.  We need to put God first in our day.  I used to cut out Bible time if our morning was not going smoothly.  How crazy!  How can I expect to have a relationship with God if I am cutting Him out?  How can I teach my kids to put HIM first, if I am not?  He MUST be first.

It is a sweet time of fellowship for all of us, and it truly encompasses Simply Living….FOR HIM!

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