The Simple Beauty of an Apron

There’s something about an apron.  It screams-

To me it brings back visions of a simpler time, when women were always dressed up, and wore aprons at home to protect their clothes.  
It makes me think of women who were true ladies.

Recently I’ve been wearing aprons each day, for the practical purposes.  Not to get dirty when cooking; its a great way to just wipe your hands quickly when cooking; it keeps me from getting paint, marker, playdough, etc. all over me; oh and pockets!  I  adore the pockets.
As I go through my day, there’s a stray sock here, a lego piece there…I have pockets in my apron that I can just stick things in until they find their way back to where they are supposed to be.

An apron is very functional, but I like to think of it as more than function.  An apron says, I am a mom, and keeper of my home.  I take my duties seriously and have rolled up my sleeves and put on my “uniform” in order to do my job.

I recently told my husband  that I want our kids to remember us always in the Bible.  I want them to remember us always taking issue to payer.  So they can look back one days and think boy, Mommy truly was a woman of God and Daddy truly was a man of God.

I think I’d like their memories to include me wearing an apron as well….

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