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the view from the airplane coming home from Florida

Wow. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks around here. We set out on our dream RV trip a few weeks ago, and it turned out much different than anticipated. Yet, it was His plan.
Looking back we see how HE worked things together for good.
His plans are often different than our plans.
His ways are always better than our ways.

After returning from our RV trip early, we rested home for a bit before meeting up with our family in Florida. My parents had graciously given us a gift to spend time in Disney with my sister and her kids.
Here is where the dream began. Disney is a magical place, yet any Christian knows that any magic here on earth is false. The happiness felt in Disney is just a glimpse of the true happiness felt with God in heaven some day. He is the ultimate source of joy. I can’t imagine that the joy we experienced this week, was just a glimpse!

This trip was an amazing blessing. Spending time with my family and making memories was priceless. The kids loved every second.  So did I. 

Being with family is truly a glimpse of heaven…the love that can never be broken no matter what happens…

Looking back on so many hardships, 
this trip was the ultimate reward. 
I came home with so many thoughts racing in my head, it is going to take me a bit to sort through them all. I have some serous prayer ahead of me this week about so many things.

One thing that was not so magical that I learned this week, is my patience level was much too low. I was way too short with my kids. Here we had taken them halfway down the coast by RV and back again, then down the coast by plane,  and traveled by bus, monorails, etc. Our days were jammed pack with every activity. Sleeping in hotels, family’s homes, the RV, etc. So much to process in my mind, let alone their little minds. 

I did not show the grace nor the mercy I needed to. I have been thinking long and hard about that. How can I expect respect and selflessness, if I am not demonstrating it?
Hopefully now, that I have asked them for forgiveness, they will see a glimpse of the mercy and grace I should have extended before.

Mommy has a lot to learn…

This is the verse that ran through my head all week…

“Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, 
that you have brought me this far?” 
2 Samuel 7:18
Seriously, as I look back, who am I that He has brought me thus far?
Little ‘ol sin-filled me? The one with little patience, the one with little grace…the one who lacks faith so often?

Yet He has blessed us. Beyond imagination in ways I would never expect.
I came home with so much gratitude. So much I want to focus on. First and foremost Him.  He has brought me this far and HE deserves my utmost attention. Every second of every day.
So when we slip up, we must remember that His mercies are new each day. He never gives up on us. 

Thank you LORD for so many things...

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