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Where Do You Seek Approval?

When we talk about mental clutter many of us often refer to the amount of time wasted on the Internet- all of the social media sites, blogs, articles, etc. Often we look to escape reality for a bit and sort of “veg out” as we scroll through. Before we know it, hours have gone by!

When I brought this topic up recently on the facebook page, a reader commented that her time wasted on the Internet more was actually because she recognized her need for validation, which was often found on social media.

That caused me to pause, because it was a really good point. It’s not always just about endless researching, mindless scrolling, or just information overload, but if we go deeper, it is about our heart and human need for approval.

As humans we have an inborn need and desire to be loved. We seek approval. We search for validation. And these days, the Internet often provides an instant balm to this need. A few “likes’ on a post…or better yet, “loves” and we feel validated. We feel loved. 

Often we don’t even realize that those little likes or loves (and hopefully not the dreaded “angry” face!) can really affect our mood. If we don’t get the validation we are after, perhaps we internalize it, feeling like nobody cares.

My friends, do not, I repeat, do not, let the Internet be your measure of worth.

Silly little likes on a post have nothing to do with your true worth.

As humans, though, our need for approval (and even better when it is instantaneous) fuels us on to seek it more and more online.

Today, if you are feeling less than loved or liked, please know that the Internet is not a true measure of worth.

God’s love for you reaches far beyond the reach of a social media post. 

You are the daughter of  a King. Walk in the manner that is worthy.

Seek the approval of God and not man. 

Choose to go to His Word when you are feeling “less than,” and let your Father provide for your needs above and beyond.

And instead of puffing up your pride through an Internet post, you will be humbly at His feet, knowing that His love is all you need.

Here is my heart—in a world where the Internet is constantly telling us what do, may I always solely point you to Jesus.


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