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This is an oldie but goodie reposted from last year…

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Day and night they never stop saying: 

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.” 
 Revelation 4:8 (NIV)

Nowhere else in the Bible does it refer to God three times as holy.

I love the verse. I love the hymn.  It has been my three year old’s favorite since he was able to hum himself to sleep at the age of one to this song.

He is always singing it. 

Lately, he asks me to lay with him in bed when he is falling asleep. Just as I did when he was an infant, I quietly sing in his ear “Holy, Holy, Holy…”

The other night as I was singing it, and my heart suddenly skipped a beat.  I am singing to Him what the heavenly host is singing in heaven, and will sing for eternity.  When my precious child is in glory someday with the Lord, will he hear them singing it and remember his mommy singing him to sleep, while stroking his hair?

I hope so.

(no theology intended here on what we will remember in heaven, or even on heaven itself…just a thought that struck my mind, and to me it was beautiful…}

Right now though, 
I am one of the instruments used to connect him to the Lord.  
Singing Holy, Holy, Holy, 
pointing Him to the One that those angels are singing that to for eternity.

Never underestimate our impact on our children. They are our mission field. They are on loan to us from God. They ultimately belong to Him, and ultimately He is in charge of them. 

And He loves them so much more than I do.

They are watching, learning, and imitating all that we do.  How I must be aware of that each moment.  I want them to remember me someday as a loving mommy, but more importantly as a godly mommy.

I want them to remember mommy bringing things to prayer. I want them to remember mommy on her knees praying. I want them to remember mommy at any time of the day with her nose deep in the Word. Always relying on God.

Children need to see us loving the Lord above all.  They need to see it as important.  As life.

Just yesterday I was in my daughter’s room and there she had a post it note above her desk that she had written a Psalm on. It was about anger.  I was taken aback. She had an anger issue earlier in the week, and here she went and wrote out a Psalm as a reminder. {without being told} 

These are the moments that give me hope. Yes, they are getting it. Yes, they are turning to Him.

Because ultimately they don’t have to me answer to me 
about their choices in life, but to Him.

And that is what matters most.

Here is Ethan recently teaching his GI Joes his favorite hymn:

“Are we focused on making our kids look good, which in turn makes us feel successful? Or are we focusing on their hearts? God knows our hearts and our children’s hearts, and no test score can override that. We must start with their hearts and ours. We must not be caught up in what others think is success. Our goals come from the Lord and what He has called us to do. We work for an audience of One.”  ~excerpt from my new ebook…”Called Home.”

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