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What a dream…

Last night I had a dream.  One of those dreams that are SO real when you wake up, you are sad it is over.

Our family has always dreamed of taking an RV trip across the country.  What better way to teach the kids than to see everything first hand!

I often follow Passion To Action’s blog which is about a family who sold their home and now travel across the country in an RV ministering to those in need.  They serve wherever they go and it is an awesome ministry.

In my dream last night we had decided to sell our house and take a trip in an RV for 6 months.  Everyone was so exited for us, and it was such a real dream.  I was so excited in the dream.  An excitement that I haven’t felt in real life in a long time!

Now I don’t know if our family would ever sell our home and travel in an RV, but I do admire the family that does.  I do know I want to do big things for the Lord, and I want to serve.  I just haven’t figured out where or what yet.  

The idea of taking an RV trip is just so exciting to us.  You take only what truly means the most  to you~your family~ and experience a trip together.  What a blessing that would be.  Maybe some day it will come true.  Right now I will continue to pray that the Lord leads us to do whatever He has planned for us.

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