Hands on Lewis and Clark studies

We have been studying Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery expedition so far this year.  It has been really fun learning about this time period.

I have been using Truth Quest Volume 2, and getting the books on the list from our library.  One awesome find on that list is Lewis and Clark for Kids by Janis Herbert.  What a great book!  Besides being packed with information, there are 21 hands on activities included in the book.

Today we actually did three of them:  We learned about Latitude and Longitude and used the globe to map our own coordinates.  Then we made fruit leather and talked about how this would have been an important part of the expedition to provide important nutrients to the men.  We also compared it to our drying of apples last year, and how it preserves the fruit.

Then we made Indian war paint using berries to die face cream, and painted our faces.  The kids then went outside to play Lewis and Clark.  Grace of course, was Sacagewea.  The boys at times were Indians and then Lewis and Clark.  They had so much fun outdoors using their imaginations.

These are the days I cherish in homeschool.  The days where we are learning while having fun.  The days where the learning lasts all day, and the days where the kids are allowed to just be kids.

Praise God for this day!

Cooking apples to make the fruit leather
Spreading out the fruit to be dried into fruit leather
Indian ready for war!
“fishing” over the side of the deck with a stick

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