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Don’t you remember who I was?

I had another one of those oh-so-real dreams last night.  This time I was with a very old friend (who I haven’t even spoken to in years), and she was telling me how she doesn’t believe in God.  Initially I was kind of quiet in response and didn’t say much.  Then all of a sudden, I started to speak.  The words clearly came from the Holy Spirit, as I could feel they weren’t from me.  And I said, “Don’t you remember who I was?”  (This person knew me during one of the worst times in my life.)  I said, “Don’t you remember the darkness we lived in?”  And I went on to explain how you can only explain my life as a miracle from God.  That He came and just plucked me right out of the darkness I lived in, and placed me right in the midst of His Light!

It felt so wonderful to explain this to my friend in my dream, and as I was speaking I knew she understood what I was saying, and she got it.  What a feeling.  To share what the Lord has done for me in my life, and to have someone else realize that He is real and He can do the same for her!

This is the second dream I have had this week where I have felt such joy in sharing the Lord.  I know that the Spirit is nudging me very hard lately to pursue further ministry opportunities and to really share with others the Lord’s love.  He has done miraculous things in my life and it is my duty to share with others.  I want my life to be devoted to His purposes.

So I will keep my eyes on him and wait for His plans to unveil for my family.  I know this dream showed me that even on the smallest scale, in a conversation with a friend, I can share His love and His work in my life.  I pray for more of those opportunities and that I won’t shy away from them, but will truly obey His calling.

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