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Seeing Through His Eyes…

I was driving on a road through a very wooded area recently.  Suddenly I was in awe of the colors of the trees surrounding me.  It seemed I was enveloped in a sea of golds and orange. Everything glowed.  I literally had to catch my breath. It was so vibrant and so beautiful.

I couldn’t believe how magnificent the colors were!  It was like a tiny glimpse of heaven.

Then I realized.
I was wearing sunglasses.
I slowly lifted them off my eyes, and was disappointed.

The trees were really just brown and rather dull.

It made me think, how those sunglasses changed my perspective of my surroundings.  It’s the difference in our lives when we see things through Jesus’s eyes.

Oh, Lord I am crying out…how I want your eyes!

How I want to see the true beauty of everything…
The way I did to those beautiful golden trees.

How often do I take off the eyes the Lord wants me to see with, and only view things through my human perspective.  My ugly, sinful, judgmental, earthly perspective.

But His eyes are eternal.
And when I see with them, I see the beauty in every single person.  The beauty in every single situation.  I see so clearly.  I see the beauty!

Oh Lord, I want your eyes.  I want to keep my eyes on you and you alone….
and never take off my beautiful glasses you have given me to see the world through You.

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