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The Most Important Life Skill To Teach Your Child

Homeschoolers are notorious for teaching life skills. Along with math, reading, and writing, we focus on many of the necessary life skills- balancing a budget, managing a home, cooking a meal, and so on.

But I have found the most important life skill we will teach. Because from it all of the others will fall into place.

Seek God first.

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33 ESV

Truly. We get so caught up in preparing for life and teaching for a test and making a transcript. But if we teach our children to seek God first, then all that they do will come from keeping God at the center of everything.

What does it mean to seek God first? It means not seeking after self-satisfaction. Not serving oneself. But seeking after what God has laid out in His word- the truth. It means following after God and living out His purposes for our lives. It means building His Kingdom and not our own self-serving little kingdoms.

It means striving for righteousness. Living a life that glorifies God. It means choosing holiness above happiness. Because ultimately our happiness is found in our holiness. It is truly living for God.

If we teach our children to seek after God, we can rest assured that everything else will fall into its proper place. God is ultimately in control of our children’s lives, and we must teach them to depend on Him. Not on us. Not on schoolbooks. Not on achievements. Nope. None of it. Depend on God first and He will order everything else.

Academics fall into place when we are living a life with God at the center. Because ultimately our children will work hard and be diligent because they want to please God. And ultimately God will lead them in all areas of their lives, including academics.

Society has it backward. They say teach your children to be self-sufficient and self-motivated and pursue happiness. But God says, He is sufficient, He is what drives us, and we are to pursue holiness.

Teach your children that only what God says matters. Measure everything against His Word. That is truly the most important “life skill” they can have.

Biblical discernment. A life that is lived for God. Those things matter. And ultimately they will recognize every breath they take comes from God.

Teaching our children life skills are important, but without this life skill, it is all for naught. Follow God. And everything else in life will be an outflow of that relationship. And everything else will be in its proper place.

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  • Reply Cynthia Karjala September 14, 2019 at 4:02 pm

    Yes, yes, a resounding yes!!! This truth is so essential, so at the core of not just homeschooling, but in every area of a believer’s life. When you are so bombarded by the world’s messages, this truth will never change. This article serves as a breath of fresh air to my weary soul. Praise God for His Word! Thank you for this reminder.

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