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Podcast Ep. 28 • Our Emotional Attachment to Clutter

Emotions and Clutter


How to Simplify When Stuff Means Something

Is your clutter weighing you down, but you feel like the emotions tied to it are too strong to let it go?

If you are hanging on to things because of an emotional attachment then it may be time to evaluate. Are you letting your past clutter up your present? Are you trying to hang on to a feeling of the past, while it hinders your present or even your future?

You can have an emotion and a memory without hanging onto every single thing from the past.

We can’t get caught up in stealing from our future or even our present because we are holding on to clutter from the past. 

We have JOY in the present and we have a future glory to look forward to. Enjoy the memories without cluttering up your life now.

Listen in as I talk about the sometimes delicate topic of emotional attachments to our clutter.

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Simple Menu Plan and My Potato Soup Recipe

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.13.57 AM

Yesterday I posted on facebook that I had made a menu plan for September because life will soon get busier and I may as well plan ahead now, while I have the time.

Here was my post:

I just wrote out our meals for September. I want to plan ahead before life gets busy and I want to stock up on what I will need–Before you give me a high five, trust me, it’s basic. Pizza on Fridays, crockpot on Thursdays, Tacos on Tuesdays, etc.. #nofrills#simplemeals#theyjustwanttoeat#backtoSIMPLE

Really. That’s what I am all about. Getting back to simple.

No more elaborate color-coded meal plans, systems,  or cooking for a month. Just simple dishes focusing on those around the table, rather than what’s on it.

Seriously, my kids just want to eat. They don’t care about Pinterest-perfect. They would much prefer traditional simple meals, to a  mama running around busy trying to keep up with Betty Crocker.

So, as I (tried) to show you all on Facebook Live yesterday (the video kept cutting out 🙁 ) I printed out a calendar for September from my computer’s iCal. I handwrote a meal for each day (knowing they can be switched around as needed) but I also kept it easy because each night of the week is the same theme. 

For example, Tuesday is Tacos. That is something I can make it minutes because that day is usually busy. I can serve it with beans and corn or tortilla chips with guacamole. And every Tuesday, since we are out of the house all day, I know what I am making and don’t have to think about it.

I scheduled Thursdays as a crockpot day. We usually do different types of chicken in the crockpot or veggie chili, etc. So each Thursday I can pick which one I want to do. I just need to change to sauces or seasonings, etc.

I scheduled Fridays as pizza day. I like to make homemade pizza, and we can vary toppings and types. Or once in awhile, we can order pizza out!

Then, with those days of the week taken care of, I sprinkled other favorite meals throughout the month: Ravioli, chicken Parmesan, Quesadillas (again, different types- bean cheese, chicken, whatever I have on hand.) and soups. I  add a side of veggies, fruit, salad, etc. and we are done!

I will make sure when I do my grocery shopping coming up that I have most of the ingredients (non-perishables) for the month, so during the month I will just fill in as needed. (I haven’t gone “grocery shopping in the grocery store” in almost a year. I will write about my life-changing grocery shopping method soon!)

Anyway, it is simple. I enjoy cooking (and eating!) but also know at this stage in my life, it isn’t necessarily the time for elaborate meals. (I had all summer for that!) As life gets in full swing with back-to-school, simple is best for us. Predictability is fine too. And like I said, I can switch the meals around so it’s not always the same, but at least I have a skeleton outline to work with and the ingredients on hand for the month. And if we get some down time, then I can experiment with an elaborate meal on that day, but it won’t be every week!

I look at our grandmothers and how they lived and I would love to get back to that mindset.

They didn’t have these elaborate systems and methods. They simply cooked what they knew. I don’t think there was nearly as much fuss. I much prefer to focus on relationships around the table these days rather than stressing over elaborate cooking plans.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.15.05 AM

Now, many of you asked for the potato soup recipe, so here it is! I have been making it forever, I don’t measure, but cook by sight, smell, and taste–so bear with me! Let me know if you have any questions.


Simple Potato Soup: 

~About 8-10  potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks (I add more depending on how much I want to make)
~1-2 boxes (32 oz) box of chicken stock (again, add more if using more potatoes. Generally, I use enough to just cover the potatoes my about 1/2 in.- 1 in.)
~2-4 onions, chopped into large chunks (alter depending on your tastes. I like to err on the side of more for more flavor.)
~a few tablespoons butter
~salt and pepper to taste
~shredded cheddar cheese for topping

Melt butter in large pot.  Add onion and cook until tender.  Add potatoes and broth.  Bring to a boil.  Turn heat down to low, add salt and pepper,  and simmer for about an hour.

Using the blender, puree the soup in batches until nice and smooth.

Top with shredded cheese.

Makes a great supper served with homemade bread or salad.


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Podcast Episode 27 One Thing You Need To Do Before You Purge Clutter

Podcast Episode 27

One Thing You Need to Do Before You Purge Clutter

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How many times have you tried to de-clutter only to have it all creep back in within months? How many times have you vowed to have less, but end up buried in things again?
Before you even begin to simplify and purge, there is something you need to do. Join me as I discuss how to get your heart ready to purge and get on the road to living more simply.

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•In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being: He is ALL That We Need
•The Remedy to Chaos and Clutter
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