Why Aren’t We Content With Jesus?

I had this thought in my mind last night. I see the world running and running, searching and searching. Always creating a new thing. The new next best thing.

And we want it. We always want more.

And then we have it and for a mere second it feels good.

But time marches on and the new thing becomes an old thing. And we unravel again and slowly the discontentment with life comes.

And I ask myself,

Why aren’t we content with Jesus?

No really. We say we are. We say we are made whole and new. We say we have new life.
But then we live like the old.  We search again.

We are studying Deuteronomy with our kids, as we read through the entire Bible as a family. And I see those Israelites. Wandering. Searching. Complaining.  Discontent.

They had crossed through a parted sea. They were provided for in the desert. They had seen miracles.

And they continued to search for more.

I want to live like a Promised Land citizen and not a desert wanderer.

Fully content in Jesus, knowing He is all I need. The rest is just icing on the cake.

It is easy to say we love Jesus and we have Jesus and we live for Him, but do we really?

I need Him to be first in every aspect of my life.

Not just say He is, but really have Him first. Everywhere.

We can’t just talk our way through this life.
We get one shot.

I want to live it out, authentically, and truly.

With Him, as all I need.

Content in Jesus.

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