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Simple Summer Series: What Are You Living For?

This month here on the blog, Facebook Live, and the Podcast, I am sharing all about Simple Summer. Let’s use our time this summer not to fill the empty spaces in our schedules, but to take some time to seek Jesus more. Allow yourself to have quiet and rest and sort of evaluate where you are.
Enjoying summer doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple picnic, time with family, a night under the stars, all serve us well to recharge our souls. Take some time daily, weekly or however works best for you to unplug, disconnect for a bit, and reconnect with Him.

Here are some thoughts this morning from me that I have been pondering as I try to keep it simple this summer.

A few weeks back, my kids and I were watching one of those house shows where the family searches for a home and are given a few choices, and in the end, they choose which one works best for them. I usually end up exchanging words with the screen afterward because the never choose the one that makes sense…at least to me. 😉

Well, this particular episode was no different. They chose the house that made no sense logically to me. With the three options on the table, there was one that was very close to the husband’s work. They all said how this would be life changing for their family– to be able to spend a great deal more time together. It was a little smaller than the others (still very big overall) and some kids may even have to share a room (gasp!), but it was also in budget. No brainer?

Well, they ended up choosing a very large home that was $120,000 over budget and quite far from the husband’s work, meaning he wouldn’t be home nearly as much. The part that got me was when the wife remarked, “He will have to make sacrifices, but that is what he will do to make us happy.”

I guess everyone’s happiness is based on different things. A large massive home, above budget by a huge sum and no one has to share a room. At the expense of family time. I just don’t get it. But then again, I don’t have to…it’s not my business.

This whole episode, though, opened up a very fruitful discussion with my kids. We talked about how our family is somewhat different in our culture as a whole…the fact that we spend so much time together (and actually enjoy it!). I emphasized to them, that in life, I hope they always choose people over things.

I can’t imagine sacrificing the time with my husband so that we could have bigger and better. That would never even cross my mind. Yet, that is what a great deal of our society is living for. Bigger and better. 

It is my prayer that if anyone would stumble across this post today and is feeling like they are always chasing bigger and better, but are still left unsatisfied, would know the truth that would set them free.

Jesus is beyond any earthly pleasure. He is bigger and better far beyond our life here. This life will end, and all of those earthly pleasures we strived after and sacrificed time and money for, will be gone. But those people we connected with, those relationships we built, and those lives we changed…mattered for eternity.

Imagine a world where we were satisfied with Jesus? Where we didn’t constantly strive beyond what we were given. Where we had enough in Him

That is truly living.

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Podcast, Simple Summer, Simply...Living For Him

Simple Summer • Podcast Ep 50

Summer is here! Can you hear me shouting from there? I absolutely love, love, love summer. I love the hot weather, I love the downtime, and I love the loose schedule. It’s all about summer for me!

Yet, nowadays many of us feel like as soon school is out, we need to get those kids busy and fill up the calendar. Or we feel like maybe we should live up to the Pinterest boards to make great activities, and then we feel the pressure to make good memories.

Summer can not only be simple, but a very useful time. I’m chatting about unplugging (both kids and adults) and using summer to recharge, renew, and rest. Make use of your time to spiritually nourish yourself as well and spend some down time each week unplugged while seeking Him above the noise of the world and the normal schedule of the year.

I am also sharing with you what my kids answered when I asked them what their ideal summer looked like. 😉

Lastly, here are some ideas to keep your summer simple:

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