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October and God’s Goodness

It’s October. September’s golden hour has faded in autumn’s amber dusk. 

Admittedly, September was a difficult month at times, but looking back, it was really a good month. So many changes, and even hard things, that were necessary. It truly was a changing of seasons. As September transitioned from the carefree sunny days of summer to the cooler crisp darker evenings of fall…our family transitioned from a full-time family of six to one of five here at home.

This college journey has been just that…a journey. Words are not sufficient in a blog post-slice-of-the-internet to truly encompass all that has happened in our family. But it is good. Oh so good.

And it isn’t good just because circumstances at the moment are. It is because God is good all the time. The plans He has for our family, regardless of how they even cause pain at times, are still good. He can’t be anything but good and neither can His plans for our lives.

See, that is where we as humans get confused. We think if circumstances are good, then God gets praise. And we shout, “Praise the Lord.” But God is always good, even when our circumstances are not. And through every tear I shed and every sorrow I felt, He was still good. And He was always working toward our good. 

If I had tried to keep things comfortable or feeling good, I would have been getting in the way of His plans. Thankfully, nothing can thwart His plans. And the tears I shed and the grief I felt were all good in the end. 

My life has changed this past month in ways I didn’t expect. And thankfully, I have seen more clearly than ever, my goal to lessen the “stuff” of life and the things that distract me from my purpose. I have a grown child now. Time isn’t infinite here on earth. Just as they always say, “babies don’t keep…” Life moves and I am clearly defining my purpose more than ever. And that purpose has less and less to do with “things” of this world, and more and more to do with Jesus.

As we go through this autumn season, and the leaves give off that glorious glow before they fall to the ground and make way for bare trees…I am also letting go of the things that are dead so that I can allow for things that give life.

I have fixed my eyes on Jesus even more firmly than before. Somehow, letting your child go off into the world really does make you see what truly matters in life. And it is good. All good. 


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