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How Dad Can Be Involved in Homeschooling: Podcast Episode #15

Dads and Homeschool

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Think homeschooling is just mom’s job? Really, it takes the whole family. Whether Dad has a supporting role or a very active role, He is the head of the home and his involvement is necessary.
Since many dads work outside of the home during school time though, then just how does he get involved in the teaching?
First, by being the head of the house, his influence is essential in raising our kids. Next, it is quite easy to find ways for dad to teach using his talents, skills,  and gifts. And don’t think it has to be during school hours! Dads can “teach” lessons that are far more important that those found in textbooks between the hours of 9-3.
Join me with my special guest, my handsome hubby, as we talk about how he gets involved in homeschooling…by teaching life skills, entrepreneurial skills, and just by his example, he is teaching my kids as much (and probably more!) than any of my lessons plans and textbooks!


My New Book!

What others are saying this week about Real Homeschool:

“This book blessed me so!! Karen is so relatable and real and her love and honor for God is contagious! Her words here were no doubt God-given and THIS is what I am endeavoring to make our homeschool and this message confirms what I needed to hear! Thank you, Sister Karen for your obedience in sharing this treasure with the world! Glory to God!”

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