Get in the Word! New Challenge for Us!

Today I am asking you all to join me as we commit to getting in the Word every day. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind and by listening to your Creator. There is no greater One to listen to these days…yet, we find ourselves seeking so many other things (and people’s ideas) first!

My goal and mission is always to point to Jesus and I have really been passionate about pointing people directly to His Word these days.

Christians everywhere are becoming complacent about their time in the Bible. We say we are too busy or it’s too difficult, but what could be more important that listening to God Himself? And Who better to teach us? We must make time for Him first, and then fit everything else is. Not vice versa. 

Let’s vow to dig into the Word. Let’s encourage one another. In our culture and in our world, now more than ever, we need to be listening to the Word of God and seeking Him above all.

Registration is NOW Open!

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