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The Sun is Always Shining Above the Clouds

This past weekend I had the amazing experience to travel to Arkansas to speak at Teach Them Diligently Convention. It was beyond amazing for so many reasons, and I will surely be sharing another post about it in the future.

But for now, one thing I pondered as we soared above those clouds on our way home, was how dark and gloomy and foggy it was upon take off. It was downright dreary and pretty dark yet.

But as we gently soared above the clouds, all of a sudden it was bright and blue and the sun was rising right there above the clouds! The light was SO bright. The colors were magnificent. (sadly, none of this was beauty was captured on my phone, except this shot)


But God…


Sometimes all we see is the dark and dreary. We wonder if the sun will ever shine again in our life? Circumstances are hard. Moments are a struggle. We can’t see past it.

Yet it isn’t even about waiting for it to pass.

Because the sun is ALWAYS shining above the clouds.

God is still there. Sometimes we may forget because our circumstances have veiled our view.

But the sun always shines above…

And lastly, this gem. Another complete GOD story that I will share in the future. But here is a shot of a rainbow directly over the convention center in Arkansas while the convention was going on.

That gorgeous light…the sun…often makes a rainbow right there in the midst of a storm.

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