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An Unlikely Homeschooler

An Unlikely Homeschooler: How Following God Changed Me Forever

An Unlikely


Almost twelve years ago, God called me to the journey of homeschooling, and I went kicking and screaming! I ran from God at first, but I knew deep down that God was calling me to this journey, so I answered the call. I never thought I would homeschool, nor did I feel equipped. With family opposition, my own pride and insecurities, the odds were stacked against me…but GOD prevailed! I sought out on this journey for “just one year.” Now, I haven’t looked back, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Whether God is calling you to homeschool or something else, this podcast will encourage you to step out in faith, whether you are comfortable or not…becauseGod will equip you for whatever He calls you to. It will be life changing. (originally recorded 2015)

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